The War in Ukraine Continues

Mac and Mike continue to discuss the war in Ukraine. Has Vladimir Putin slit his own throat? Can Russia recover? Mac thinks they can. Mike thinks it is over for Putin and sadly the Russian people.

Mac’s reason for thinking Russia will recover is due to its vast energy and food (wheat) resources. Mike hopes the world will wake up and eventually find alternative resources. There is plenty of oil and natural gas in Europe and America. What lacks is the will to go after it.

It is easier for America. President Trump made America the top oil producer in the world. This is the best America had done since 1957! Joe Biden shut it down. However, if America wanted to it could easily open up again. Europe, on the other hand, must first beef up its infrastructure to go get its own oil and gas. Interestingly, France produces most of its electricity from nuclear power. Germany is in a crunch because they shut down their nuclear reactors.

The bottom line is we have created our own problems. Globalists thought interdependence would bring peace. It has not. We hate to say it. We told you so. Now the only thing for the left to do is admit they were wrong. If they cannot it may be the undoing of the world.

By Mike Kelly

22 years 8 months 11 days USAF AFSOC retired. Webmaster and author

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