Mac McCormack
Mac McCormack

A little about me. I’m an older guy, in my sixtiAbout Maces. Yes, I lived through the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and MORE. Free Love. I’m OK, You’re OK. Make Love, Not War…..

Mike Kelly
Mike Kelly

Retired USAF, web developer, business owner, business and political consultant...

Mac and Mike first appeared together at the top of Fox News HQ to do an interview with Sky News Australia in September 2019. They were asked to represent Vets for Trump. Below is that first video. PS they got the names & rank mixed up but Australia is upside down after all đŸ™‚

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  • Mac and Mike on General Milley
      Should Milley stay or should he go? You can make up your own mind but regardless of the latest allegations, many veterans think Milley should go. It does not matter if he did or did not backchannel with the Chinese. To many of us, he is a disgrace and that was before the latest Read More
  • The Death of America
    If you are over a certain age you know the America you grew up in is dying. Is it too late? If not, what is the path forward? It is easy to see the problems. When I was in the Air Force the policy was if you went to the boss with a problem you Read More
  • Mac and Mike on Relationships
    Relationships are difficult, to say the least. Mike has been married 3 times and Mac only once. All our relationships have ended at some point. What can you do to keep yours together? Well, the answers are not always clear. Mike jokes he cannot tell you how to make a relationship work but he can Read More
  • Judeo-Christian Country?
    The ideas that flowed from the folks that wrote our Constitution were actually well thought out on morality. In those days a man was measured by his word based on the Judeo-Christian framework. The Founders did not intend to create a temporary standard for a new nation. They wrote it out in a way that Read More
  • Mac and Mike on Afghanistan
    The argument has never been about the will to withdraw from Afghanistan. It has been about how to withdraw. Why did the current administration do it backward? Some may argue they did not see this coming. Others point to the fact that the Pentagon and Intel Agencies told the Biden administration it was likely to Read More