Mac McCormack
Mac McCormack

A little about me. I’m an older guy, in my sixties. Yes, I lived through the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and MORE. Free Love. I’m OK, You’re OK. Make Love, Not War.

Mike Kelly
Mike Kelly

Retired USAF, web developer, business owner, business and political consultant...

Mac and Mike first appeared together at the top of Fox News HQ to do an interview with Sky News Australia in September 2019. They were asked to represent Vets for Trump. Below is that first video. PS they got the names & rank mixed up but Australia is upside down after all 🙂

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  • The Definition of a Politician
    “a person who acts in a manipulative and devious way, typically to gain advancement within an organization.” That is about the most accurate description I’ve heard.  While Mac’s brother Mike was visiting he pointed out this definition. It popped up on a Google search. Like many words, there are multiple ways to use and define Read More
  • The Shrinking Middle Class
  • Election Post Mortem
    Managing your expectations. Will Trump run again? This was recorded before Trump criticized Ron DeSantis. So, I’ve now been swayed to think Trump will announce as Mac suggests. The question in my mind is, should he? I do not know how many times I thought Trump had blown it. Too many to accurately remember. One Read More
  • Marriage: What’s in it for men?
    Statistics show that fewer men are willing to marry. While this is a disturbing trend there are reasons. Women file for divorce at a rate approaching 70% versus men. When women file for divorce they get at least half of everything even when they do not deserve it. No wonder men look at marriage differently. Read More
  • Mac & Mike Talk About World Wide Protests & More
    Mac & I are both in our 60s. We’ve watched the slow decline of our society. People now video a robbery instead of intervening. Some insist we share in their delusions over identities of various sorts. Many weak people are too afraid to stand up against the 2 year-olds that scream about these things. When Read More