Remaining Solution Oriented

Mac and I were educated in the military and served on the front lines. We remained solution-oriented, focused on meeting our mission and could work as part of a team. During our time in the military, we learned that being able to work with other people is one of the most important values you can Read More

Winging It

This week we decided to just “wing it”. Not exactly like the behind-the-scenes but just a session where we talk about whatever comes to mind. We talk a bit more about our military experiences

Growing People From Stem Cells

Synthetic mouse embryos have been created with beating hearts and brains. That is according to a paper released from Caltech & Cambridge University. What does this mean? We are on the cusp of being able to create whole-body life from stem cells. It also has implications for humans. First will be the creation of replacement Read More

Ultra MAGA – WTH?

We are not sure what Ultra MAGA means. If it means you want low taxes, fair trade, a strong military, secure borders, energy independence, free and secure elections, and lower gas prices along with the lowest unemployment for minorities then I guess we are Ultra MAGA. Bottom line, don’t take the bait. They want to Read More

IRS – CIA – Zuckerberg – Liz & More

Mac and I have been away for a while. This is our return and Howdee! there is a lot going on. We cover some of the events of the last few weeks. Liz Cheney is going to work against her fellow Republicans. We will see how far she gets after her trouncing. Zuckerberg admitted they Read More

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Mac & Mike on Mar-a-Lago

After the Russian collusion hoax and dozens of other lies told about Donald Trump from our so-called intel agencies what are we to believe? Sure, he is a bit over the top but compared to others his policies were great and got America on the right track. Speculation abounds about his 2024 run. Has this episode sealed his fate or made him a martyr?

Mac & Mike Rap #2

Got a little busy this week so I’m a couple of days late posting. Anyway, Mac took a week off so we decided to do another Mac & Mike Rap video. I’m starting to think these types of videos are more fun and interesting. I just decided to hit the record button with no introduction. Read More

China – Biden’s Dirty Dealings

Strategic Petroleum Reserve is being used to send oil to other nations including China! What the heck is all this about? Do they have something on Joe Biden and Hunter? We are left to speculate but we do know that Joe Biden lied about it. Is he being blackmailed? Is Biden also going to remove Read More

January 6th Hearings

Are the J6 hearings really an investigation or is it a witch hunt? An investigation seeks the truth. A witch hunt seeks to convict and give the accused no defense. Webster defines it as “the searching out and deliberate harassment of those (such as political opponents) with unpopular views.” The image I used at the Read More

Mac and Mike Rap #1

This week, and who knows, maybe in the coming weeks, we decided to just rap about things instead of planning out a subject beforehand. Back in the ’70s, we used the term “rap” to mean talk or chat in an easy and familiar manner. Rap music doesn’t have much to do with the original meaning Read More

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