The Tyranny of the Minority & Morality

The term “tyranny of the minority” refers to a situation in which a small group of people holds disproportionate power and uses it to impose their beliefs, values, and interests on the rest of society, thereby limiting the freedom and rights of the majority. This can result in unjust and oppressive policies and decision-making, even Read More

Biden’s Deep State Problems

Is the reason for the sudden interest in the Biden classified documents part of the deep state method of making sure he does not run again? This is the speculation from many pundits. It is certainly one of many possibilities. What do you think? As Vice President Biden had authority under an Obama-era Executive Order. However, Read More

Vietnam more than we think

Mac discusses how Vietnam changed America. The way we vote and view the world around us. Born in the 1950s Mac recalls the war and its impact on society. While Mike was also born in the late 1950s he recalls his brother burning his draft card. The Vietnam War was a long and controversial conflict Read More

Integrity & Politics

Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. It is an important quality for individuals to possess, as it allows them to be trustworthy and reliable. People who have integrity are generally respected by others and are able to build strong relationships based on mutual trust. What happens when our leaders, Read More

Nonnormative expressions of gender

Nonnormative gender expression refers to ways of presenting or expressing one’s gender that does not conform to traditional or societal expectations or are appropriate for a person’s gender. This can include behaviors, mannerisms, appearance, or interests that do not align with traditional gender roles. Nonnormative gender expression is an internal sense having nothing to do Read More

Voting and Thoughts On Twitter

The other day I posted on Vets for Trump a short item about voting. Isn’t it ironic that you have to meet age criteria to become President, Senator, or Congressman – 35, 30, and 25 respectively but you can be 18 to vote for any of these political offices? We briefly discuss this as a Read More

The Definition of a Politician

“a person who acts in a manipulative and devious way, typically to gain advancement within an organization.” That is about the most accurate description I’ve heard.  While Mac’s brother Mike was visiting he pointed out this definition. It popped up on a Google search. Like many words, there are multiple ways to use and define Read More

Election Post Mortem

Managing your expectations. Will Trump run again? This was recorded before Trump criticized Ron DeSantis. So, I’ve now been swayed to think Trump will announce as Mac suggests. The question in my mind is, should he? I do not know how many times I thought Trump had blown it. Too many to accurately remember. One Read More

Marriage: What’s in it for men?

Statistics show that fewer men are willing to marry. While this is a disturbing trend there are reasons. Women file for divorce at a rate approaching 70% versus men. When women file for divorce they get at least half of everything even when they do not deserve it. No wonder men look at marriage differently. Read More