Mac and Mike on Free Speech

Is the Biden Administration actually going to monitor Social Media and even our Text Messages?! Is this Constitutional? Without imminent danger, there is no call for abridging free speech. Who gets to decide what is and isn’t misinformation? This is not at all like Lincoln’s suspension of some rights during the Civil War. Are we Read More

Prosecutorial Bias – Conservative vs Far-Left

Mac and Mike discuss the bias expressed in our justice system when it comes to political biases. The idea that the so-called Justice Department brags about how many Conservatives it is arresting versus how many Far-Left rioters is stunning. We get the argument. The Justice Squad will claim the riots that happened in our cities Read More

Mac and Mike – Vets for Trump – America First

This 10-minute video relating to policy versus persons was recorded in May. Ron DeSantis recently came out on top of a 2024 straw poll at the Western Conservative Summit, narrowly edging out Donald Trump who was not in attendance. This video was originally posted on Vets for Trump in May but it did not appear Read More

Free And Fair Elections

Americans must believe their elections are free and fair. Was 2020 a one-off because of China Flu? Mac and Mike discuss the ramifications of the lack of faith in our elections.

Memorial Day 2021

We are a bit late on this video. However, we wanted to talk about the difference between the various military holidays.

Mac and Mike on Reality

Did you ever wonder about reality? What is our universe really made up of? Is it atoms, subatomic particles, or consciousness? Physicists are starting to debate this all over again. These are serious scientists asking the questions all over again. Give a listen if you have time! I will add more textual content later. Double Read More

Mac And Mike On Pronouns

Basic Training in the military attempts to teach young recruits that we are one cohesive fighting machine. We are to be uniform (no pun intended) in our approach. The primary job of the U.S. military is to kill people and break their things in the defense of America and American interests. While we see the Read More