Ministry of Truth

For our younger audience, there is a book written by George Orwell called 1984. It was written in 1947 and turned into a movie twice since then. This is where terms like “Big Brother is watching you”, “Newspeak”, “Thoughtcrime”, “The Ministry of Truth”, The Ministry of Peace”, The Ministry of Love”, and “The Ministry of Read More

Roe v. Wade – Everyone is talking about it

This subject is riddled with emotion on all sides. No single issue has divided America more than this since the 1973 decision was handed down. A lot has changed since then. We know more about when babies feel pain. We have made great strides in medicine that allow premature babies to survive. One thing that Read More

Twitter Hysteria

Previously in the post, Elon Musk and Twitter Offer Mac and I spoke about the potential purchase of Twitter by Musk and the return of free speech to the internet. Now that the purchase has been approved things are heating up. Mac and I wonder what is behind all the hysteria. Sure, some people will Read More

What If Everyone Knew Everyone’s Thoughts?

Mac and Mike discuss the ramifications of fully understanding one another. What if we could not hide our thoughts from each other? Would it make the world better? What would be the difference between suddenly acquiring this ability versus being born with it? This is a fun mental challenge akin to the philosophical thought experiment Read More

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Elon Musk and Twitter Offer

We all know Elon Musk is trying to buy Twitter. Most of us understand his main point is to turn it into a free-speech platform. Rather than trying to start a free-speech platform from scratch, it is much easier to buy one with a user base built-in. The argument against free speech is that nut Read More

Inflation – Biden etc.

Mac wanted to discuss inflation and Biden. We meander a bit away from that subject but it’s all good. I don’t have much to say in writing that wasn’t already said in the video. Mac pokes a bit of fun at me in the beginning but he forgets, I’m the one who can edit the Read More

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Propaganda Can Lead To Extremism

Mac and Mike discuss examples of propaganda and how it can lead to extreme views. We have 24 hours to fill with 30 minutes of news. This leads to way too much commentary. The commentary leads to juicing things up so advertisers will pay for the airtime. Political parties and others with an agenda have Read More


This was recorded in July 2021. It has been pulled out of the archives since we have not been able to do a podcast in a couple of weeks due to illness. However, it is an appropriate subject for nearly anytime but especially now with the war in Ukraine and the recent admission by the Read More

The War in Ukraine Continues

Mac and Mike continue to discuss the war in Ukraine. Has Vladimir Putin slit his own throat? Can Russia recover? Mac thinks they can. Mike thinks it is over for Putin and sadly the Russian people. Mac’s reason for thinking Russia will recover is due to its vast energy and food (wheat) resources. Mike hopes Read More