January 6th Hearings

Are the J6 hearings really an investigation or is it a witch hunt? An investigation seeks the truth. A witch hunt seeks to convict and give the accused no defense. Webster defines it as “the searching out and deliberate harassment of those (such as political opponents) with unpopular views.” The image I used at the Read More

Mac and Mike Rap #1

This week, and who knows, maybe in the coming weeks, we decided to just rap about things instead of planning out a subject beforehand. Back in the ’70s, we used the term “rap” to mean talk or chat in an easy and familiar manner. Rap music doesn’t have much to do with the original meaning Read More

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The What, Who and Why of Conspiracy Theories

massacree ‎(plural massacrees) (colloquial) A sequence of events so absurd, complicated and uncommon as to be unbelievable. Conspiracy theories are not always false. Conspiracy theorists are not all mentally ill. However, there is a link to human psychology. About half of Americans believe at least one or more conspiracy theories. In principle, conspiracy theories are not always false Read More

Two-Tiered Justice System

Up front, I need to correct something you will hear in the video. I said that 86 or 87% of Washington D. C. voted  Democrat. The correction is that it is 92.1% according to Best Places dot com. There was a time the two-tiered justice system referred to rich or connected versus middle class and Read More

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Homosexuality and Christianity

This subject can be very sensitive. Mac and I discuss the issue of homosexuality in the church. Mac comes from a Roman Catholic viewpoint and I from a general Christian viewpoint. Before you read further and watch the video I believe I should mention something. Whatever we do or say as Christians we should do Read More

Grief – does it ever really go away?

Mac and Mike discuss the losses in their lives and how they affected them. Trying to understand why God allows such suffering is trying to understand a mathematical problem you have no idea how to solve. Saying “I understand how you feel.” or “They are at peace now and in a better place.” may not Read More

Can we compromise anymore?

Last week I (Mike) traveled to North Carolina to visit friends and clients that I have not seen since the China Flu hit. Of course, politics came up in discussions with my many friends. Most of us are fairly conservative or at least what I would call reasonable. However, there are still some odd ideas Read More

Inflation & Saving Money

Mac and I have been through periods of significant inflation before. If things go the way they have before we will start to come out of it in 4 or 5 years. But, what can you do in the meantime? If you have storage space buy in bulk. Whatever you buy today will certainly cost Read More

Ministry of Truth

For our younger audience, there is a book written by George Orwell called 1984. It was written in 1947 and turned into a movie twice since then. This is where terms like “Big Brother is watching you”, “Newspeak”, “Thoughtcrime”, “The Ministry of Truth”, The Ministry of Peace”, The Ministry of Love”, and “The Ministry of Read More

Roe v. Wade – Everyone is talking about it

This subject is riddled with emotion on all sides. No single issue has divided America more than this since the 1973 decision was handed down. A lot has changed since then. We know more about when babies feel pain. We have made great strides in medicine that allow premature babies to survive. One thing that Read More