Wikipedia defines it: Cultural appropriation can include the exploitation of another culture’s religious and cultural traditions, dance steps, fashion, symbols, language, and music. The real question is does anyone take this seriously and should we? There are dozens of videos about this subject. Here is a link to one from Prager University. Actual Mexicans are not offended by an outfit being worn but non Mexican students at UCLA are.

The number of people actually concerned about cultural appropriation is often overestimated, likely attributed to the vocal minority dominating discussions on social media platforms. Most individuals may simply not see it as a pressing issue in today’s society. Perhaps they have bigger fish to fry or simply don’t find themselves personally affected by the topic.

As with any hot-button issue, there will always be those who jump on the bandwagon without truly understanding the nuances at play. At the end of the day, let’s not forget that there are plenty of valid concerns out there warranting our time and energy – so maybe let’s save our outrage for something a bit more deserving, shall we? Just a thought.