Mac and Mike on Ukraine

Mac and Mike on Ukraine

Tucker Carlson hammered Mike Turner, Republican Congressman from Ohio about a letter (see this link for the letter) he and other members sent to Joe Biden about supporting Ukraine due to a build-up of Russian forces on their border. See the Tucker vs Turner video at this link.

Tucker asked questions that made a point. They were, and I paraphrase:

  1. What is America’s national interest?
  2. Did the same Congressmen send a letter about the Southern Border in the U.S.?
  3. Since the Cold War Russia has been aligning more with China. Wouldn’t it be better to try to work with Russia and motivate them against China? The history between Russia and China has not always been a good one.

I think the question Tucker has is really about priorities. Mac and I both agree that we and NATO should keep our word to Ukraine when it comes to defense. However, the question is a matter of priorities. Can we really expect Biden to help stop an invasion of Ukraine when he will not stop the invasion of the United States?

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