Mac & Mike Rap #2

Got a little busy this week so I’m a couple of days late posting. Anyway, Mac took a week off so we decided to do another Mac & Mike Rap video. I’m starting to think these types of videos are more fun and interesting. I just decided to hit the record button with no introduction. Read More

Inflation & Saving Money

Mac and I have been through periods of significant inflation before. If things go the way they have before we will start to come out of it in 4 or 5 years. But, what can you do in the meantime? If you have storage space buy in bulk. Whatever you buy today will certainly cost Read More

Mac and Mike on Capitalism & Inflation

Capitalism coupled with Free Enterprise is the most successful economic system in the world. Why is it the Socialists and Communists in America still thrive in the Democrat Party? Why do we tolerate them today when just 20 years ago they would have never stood a chance at the polls? Add to that problem of Read More