The War in Ukraine Continues

Mac and Mike continue to discuss the war in Ukraine. Has Vladimir Putin slit his own throat? Can Russia recover? Mac thinks they can. Mike thinks it is over for Putin and sadly the Russian people. Mac’s reason for thinking Russia will recover is due to its vast energy and food (wheat) resources. Mike hopes Read More

Russia vs Ukraine

Mac and Mike discuss the Russian invasion of Ukraine. There are a lot of questions that only time will reveal. What will happen to oil and gas prices? How will it affect Europe and the United States? What will become of Ukraine once a puppet regime is installed? We had planned on interviewing a veteran Read More

Mac and Mike with Vlad Lemets

Vlad Lemets is a friend who served in the U.S. Army during the Iraq War. He is from Russia as you can tell by his accent. Vlad is an American citizen and has a unique perspective on many things. As he says, America is the last hope for the world. That is why he is Read More