Mac & Mike on Mar-a-Lago

Mac & Mike on Mar-a-Lago

Note: Mac erroneously said Tony Bobulinski was a graduate of the Naval Academy and asked that I correct the record. Nevertheless, Bobulinski does have a stellar record with the Navy. You can read more here from After the Russian collusion hoax and dozens...

Project Veritas and the 1st and 4th Amendment

Last week Mac and I talked about the 4th Amendment to the Constitution. We had planned to move on and talk about other Amendments. However, in the week that followed another pertinent case related to the 1st and 4th Amendments came to our attention. That was the raid...
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We are proudly banned from Facebook On or about January 21st, 2023 Facebook decided to ban us from posting anything further. There was no explanation except "someone" found "something" objectionable. We don't know if it was our post on that day or something previously posted. In any case, it is now a badge of honor to be banned by FB. It means we must be getting to an uncomfortable truth for some people. We never even made it that big. Nevertheless, we must have pissed off some weak individual. I say that because Mac and I are both Christians who never say anything out of malice.