Is the reason for the sudden interest in the Biden classified documents part of the deep state method of making sure he does not run again? This is the speculation from many pundits. It is certainly one of many possibilities. What do you think?

As Vice President Biden had authority under an Obama-era Executive Order. However, Biden never claimed to have declassified the documents in his possession. Therefore, the argument about his authority to declassify is not relevant.

Unelected government officials, also known as bureaucrats, civil servants or the deep state, play a critical role in the functioning of modern democracies. These officials are appointed to their positions by elected officials, rather than being elected by the public themselves. Despite not being directly accountable to voters, unelected officials are responsible for implementing the policies and laws passed by elected representatives, and for providing essential services to citizens.

One of the key advantages of having unelected officials in government is that they can provide continuity and stability in times of political change. Elected officials come and go, but unelected officials remain in their positions and can provide a sense of continuity and consistency in policy-making. This is particularly important for areas such as public safety, health care, and education, where sudden changes in policy can cause confusion and disruption.

Another advantage of unelected officials is that they are often experts in their fields and can bring valuable knowledge and experience to the government. For example, scientists and engineers can provide valuable input into policy decisions related to environmental regulation or transportation infrastructure. Similarly, economists can provide valuable input into decisions related to taxation and government spending.

Despite these advantages, unelected officials also have some potential drawbacks. One of the main concerns is that they may be insulated from public opinion and may not be responsive to the needs and concerns of citizens. This can lead to policies that are out of touch with the needs of the public, and can create a sense of disconnection between citizens and their government.

Another potential drawback is that unelected officials may be more susceptible to pressure from interest groups and special interests. Without the accountability that comes from being elected, unelected officials may be more likely to pursue policies that benefit themselves and these groups, rather than the broader public.

Overall, unelected government officials play an important role in the functioning of modern democracies. They provide continuity and stability in times of political change, and they bring valuable knowledge and experience to the government. However, it is important to ensure that they remain responsive to the needs and concerns of citizens and that they are not unduly influenced by special interests.

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