Foundational Principles

Foundational Principles

Foundational principles are sometimes called fundamental principles. For now, we can summarize it like this: “principles from which other truths can be derived”.

Here is an analogy. I taught land navigation in the Air Force as a part of annual combat survival training before GPS. It is too bad life does not come with one. The first thing you need to know is exactly where you are before heading for a destination. The starting point is your foundation. You will not arrive at your proper place if you do not know where you are starting from.

When navigating if you are off by 1 degree and you are only traveling a few miles you will likely end up very close to your destination. If you are off by 1 degree over many miles you will be way off target. You may end up lost or in the hands of the enemy.

As you move towards your destination using a compass you must pause and check your trajectory from time to time. It is natural to become distracted and drift off course. The same is true in life. We must rely on foundational principles to navigate life successfully. We also need to check our current position from time to time.

Mac and Mike discuss a wide range of subjects. We are aware our thoughts and conclusions about certain things will not make sense to everyone. If we do a better job of explaining our foundational principles it will help to clarify things for our audience. If we fall down on the job of explaining please leave a comment and ask why we have come to a particular conclusion or hold a certain view.

By Mike Kelly

22 years 8 months 11 days USAF AFSOC retired. Webmaster and author

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