Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. It is an important quality for individuals to possess, as it allows them to be trustworthy and reliable. People who have integrity are generally respected by others and are able to build strong relationships based on mutual trust. What happens when our leaders, especially political leaders lack integrity? Why do we keep voting them into office?

Recently George Santos was taken to task by the media and rightfully so. His only real defense was “Whataboutism.” Mac asks if there will be any consequences. Mike points out that if there are then to be fair we would have to apply the same consequences to half our politicians.

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We are proudly banned from Facebook On or about January 21st, 2023 Facebook decided to ban us from posting anything further. There was no explanation except "someone" found "something" objectionable. We don't know if it was our post on that day or something previously posted. In any case, it is now a badge of honor to be banned by FB. It means we must be getting to an uncomfortable truth for some people. We never even made it that big. Nevertheless, we must have pissed off some weak individual. I say that because Mac and I are both Christians who never say anything out of malice.