Nonnormative gender expression refers to ways of presenting or expressing one’s gender that does not conform to traditional or societal expectations or are appropriate for a person’s gender. This can include behaviors, mannerisms, appearance, or interests that do not align with traditional gender roles. Nonnormative gender expression is an internal sense having nothing to do with actual gender.

Some interesting data from UCLA School of Law – Williams Institute as of 2021 about nonbinary are:

  • Of the 1.2 million in the USA the majority of nonbinary adults are under age 29 (76%), urban (88%), and white (58%).
  • A greater percentage of nonbinary adults are normal gender rather than transgender.
  • 82% were abused as children, 94% have considered suicide and 39% have attempted suicide.

Since Mac and I are veterans it is worth noting there are 16.5 million veterans. We get 2 days to be honored. One for our dead and one for our living. The nonnormative sexual community gets a whole month of recognition. Does something seem a little skewed in America?

In addition, 519 veterans committed suicide in 2021. Statistics are difficult to find on sexual orientation and suicide levels. However, Wikipedia lists 3 reported by the media in 2021. Yet it is still shocking that 39% have attempted suicide which is considered a cry for help. The bottom line is 1 suicide is one too many.

Why would our society celebrate and encourage a lifestyle that causes depression to the point of wanting to attempt suicide? At the same time, we cannot be so worried about making people feel bad that we avoid the statistical truth about the issue. Mac and Mike discuss the issue below.