This was recorded in July 2021. It has been pulled out of the archives since we have not been able to do a podcast in a couple of weeks due to illness. However, it is an appropriate subject for nearly anytime but especially now with the war in Ukraine and the recent admission by the New York Times on the Biden scandal. The election was rigged after all!

It doesn’t end there. The truth about Ukraine is that America was involved in its politics under the Obama Biden administration. Ukrainian corruption was known far and wide. You may even recall Biden, then VP, simply told the Ukrainian President to fire the prosecutor looking into Burisma. Who does that if they are not interfering in a foreign country. Sure there are claims and counterclaims that muddy the waters on the level of U.S. involvement but the truth of involvement is clear.

Take it for what it is worth but this is how we got into the mess of a Joe Biden Presidency and lent to the war in Ukraine. It was all aided by the propaganda outlets we call News and Social Media in the United States!

By Mike Kelly

22 years 8 months 11 days USAF AFSOC retired. Webmaster and author

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