The other day I posted on Vets for Trump a short item about voting. Isn’t it ironic that you have to meet age criteria to become President, Senator, or Congressman – 35, 30, and 25 respectively but you can be 18 to vote for any of these political offices? We briefly discuss this as a side issue.

The main issue is Twitter. Yes, we’ve all heard about as much of that news as we can take. However, it is a very important issue and one that really works us up. During the video, I said I would look into what percentage of Twitter’s workforce remains. The latest I could find is 50% with many suggesting it could go to 75%. (24 Nov 22) If you can run Twitter on 50% fewer employees imagine how much we could save with the Federal Government!

In the old days, you could simply hear someone say something and then agree, disagree or get into a heated debate with that person. Why is the left so worked up over this issue? They once stood for free speech. As Jimmy Failla put it “The left turning against free speech would be like the right turning against the Second Amendment.”