Here is the post on The Bible Answers on the subject of Catholics and Christians. Mike’s view is that anyone who confesses and believes in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior is a Christian regardless of denomination. Romans 10:9.

Mac holds the view that the “church” has always been the Catholic Church. Mike holds the view that the church is the body of all believers in Jesus Christ and is invisible and without denomination.

Mike makes the point that Christians by whatever name they went by killed each other over doctrine. It is hard to understand how anyone can kill another person let alone a fellow believer in Christ over these matters.

A question arose about Muhammad as a side note. Was he illiterate? I said I would add that to the comments so here it is. According to the Edinburgh University Press, this was the case. For what it is worth, the illiteracy of Muhammad is also supported by Wikipedia at this link. Additionally, this is supported by Islam Online.

We all briefly discuss baptism and communion. Mac and Joe discuss transubstantiation and if non-Catholics should be allowed to participate. Joe believes it should be allowed. Mac does not. Mike’s view is all institutions have a clear right to decide what they will and will not approve of. On a personal level, Mike would not partake of the Roman Catholic communion on the basis of personal integrity.

Mac and Joe agree that if a Catholic does not completely adhere to the Roman Catholic Catechism a member of that denomination has excommunicated themselves.

The video goes on to discuss other issues. However, Mike thinks we should continue this discussion with a more narrow focus starting at the beginning. For example, we should answer the question “What was a Christian before the Roman Catholic Church came along?”