Congressional testimony by Grush and others on UFOs has shed new light on the subject, providing a captivating account that warrants serious consideration. The testimonies presented by these individuals, incorporating their expertise in the field of aviation, military intelligence, and scientific research, serve as credible accounts of unidentified aerial phenomena.

Alien UAPWith meticulous documentation and multiple corroborating witnesses, their statements have undeniably elevated the importance and urgency in understanding these mysterious occurrences. Their fluent articulation of separate yet strikingly similar encounters provides an intriguing glimpse into a potential extraterrestrial or interdimensional presence within our airspace. Such testimony underscores the need for further investigation and research to unravel the enigma surrounding these unidentified flying objects.

As we navigate this uncharted territory, it is imperative that we approach this topic with an open mind while adhering to rigorous scientific standards to uncover concrete evidence and validate these claims, ultimately leading us closer to unraveling the mysteries that lie beyond our planet’s boundaries. As always we are intested in your thoughts.

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Hey everybody welcome back to Mac and Mike I’m Mike that’s Mac and we are with our friend
Brent today Brent’s been on before and now my motivation for starting this was a mea culpa
to my friend Brent who is the UFO guy and with the hearings this past week and over the
years the release of the Pentagon admitting the UFOs exist and the breaking news I was
always more of a skeptic and I’m 95% there now just to clarify I still don’t believe like
ancient aliens and a lot of other stuff but what I do believe is that the witness in front
of Congress was extremely credible there were three of them not just the one I was named Rush
and I don’t know if you all had the chance to watch the entire hearing did you I did you didn’t
watch it Brent okay that’s probably outrighting yeah well it’s kind of interesting somebody probably saw
you and thought you were a UFO that could be quite possible but now okay so I know I don’t
normally dominate these conversations but I guess I should open with why I am now basically
95% of the way there Mac is still somewhere in a range of 40% you know maybe 50 I don’t know
now we all agree that UFOs exist we’ve agreed ever since the beginning they exist then the
Pentagon releases it and admits oh we have these things on radar and floor and video and
there’s a lot of myth that goes around if there’s 90 like who was the guy Brent that said he
was in the project bluebook thing Heinrich oh Alan Heine yeah Heine he was the guy that said
like 95% of its bump but the 5% is the real thing and we can’t explain it well he died a
devout believer oh yeah he was just coming in you can believe on 5% you know as a scientist
you know 95% of its you know explainable and 5% isn’t and become a believer and I mean like
I said I’m 95% there the reason I have multiple reasons for why I’m 95% there but here’s a basic
thing that I learned a long time ago you all remember me talking about Dr. Maury when it
came to logic so the example is there’s this and this may be repetitive for you there
is a house for sale across the street the sign goes up you see no activity for months one
day the sign comes down you think well maybe it’s sold but then again maybe it’s not just
taken off the market the next day you see a moving van pulling up you don’t see any people
but you notice the moving van was there and okay you still haven’t seen anyone so you’re
not sure maybe they were emptying the house you know and not moving things in because you
didn’t get to see the whole thing then you see the mailman starting to come back to the
house and the flag in the mailbox going up and down you’re thinking huh that’s kind of odd
you know the next thing you do is you see kids toys out in front of your day you still haven’t
seen anyone right but you’ve seen children’s toys in the front yard you’re going huh I’m
bet somebody’s living there and then you see the lights coming on and off at night and then
you see silhouettes in the windows walking by but you still haven’t seen a physical form
human yet but doesn’t your logical brain tell you there’s somebody living in that house
probably somebody living there yeah so that’s where I am we’re to the point where I’ve seen
the silhouette in the window I’m 99 little 95 to 99 percent sure there’s somebody living
at that house so like remember you have told me in the past that you have written some pretty
weird things no I didn’t I’ve never seen one no I’ve seen things in the sky that I could
not identify but that did not mean I saw a saucer shaped object just things that I couldn’t
identify the one time I learned that it was the International Space Station because it comes
in looking like an airplane on the horizon till it gets over top of you it’s it’s moving
at those UFO incredible speeds but I got the app on my phone to track the International Space
Station and sure enough it was dead on I was living at the Outer Banks along the beach so
you could see it coming in the middle of the winter at night oh okay but no I never saw anything
up close and personal I’ve listened to you for years talk about ancient aliens which I still don’t
think is true you know the one thing is about the pyramids being so many all over the world and you
used to say that you thought aliens helped build the pyramid I have always said well there are 150
pyramids in Egypt there are a couple hundred in Ethiopia who knows how many around the world and
you can see the progression that there’s only really the three famous ones and it took them 140
tries to get to the point where it was perfected if it was alien technology why did they mess up 140
times I don’t know so but there’s a lot of other things we could talk about but I am 95
convinced after hearing the testimony they we have recovered crashed vehicles whether they’re
interdimensional or whatever I don’t know we’re still not convinced this extraterrestrial in the
traditional sense well we have many whistleblowers that about basically said the heck with the government
we’re going to get this out there ourselves I think of Bob Lazar who worked area 51 back in the 80s
even said hey look we we’ve even got this this element that we got from from the aliens and I think
it’s 115 at that time it was called un-unpentium now it’s called if memory serves like muscovium
well that’s pretty close but that was an element we didn’t have here couldn’t easily
access that here but so how did we get it and then years later after saying to mr. Lazar oh you’re
full of crap you’re a liar trying to discredit him suddenly oh what appears magically on the chart
element 115 again it was called un-unpentium for longest time but I think they changed the name
I want I want to say muscovium but don’t call it I thought it was unobtainium
no it’s un-unpentium okay
well go ahead Mac Mac has a thought or two well I watch the video I watch the testimony in front of
Congress you know from our conversations in the past you know where I was you say UFOs or UAPs
whatever name they want to assign to them are real and I I really admit it I’ve been admitted in the
past just so real I’ve seen enough video evidence for myself to be convinced that there are unidentified
flying objects or whatever the what UAP stand for unidentified aerial phenomena so you know I’ve
admitted there are things that we’ve seen in the skies that we have no way of explaining what they
are but my my my rejection of the whole alien you know definition or the or the alien explanation
for these UFOs or UAPs was that I can’t believe or I couldn’t find it plausible to believe that with
that number of unidentified flying object examples that there couldn’t have been some form of a
mistake some form of an accident some form of you know something tangible that these unidentified
flying objects would have left behind and there was you know even I don’t I don’t want to argue with
you Brad but you know finding a new element to me is not a definition or an explanation of
or proof of of of you know some light form from outside of our dimension or outside of our our
planet having existed so you know my my my plea my my my very real expectation is that if these things
if these biological units existed that we would have some tangible evidence of a crashed aircraft
or a dead life form or you know a dropped cigarette lighter in the you know in the sewer something
and now and as I’m watching the as I’m watching the the testimony the one guy on the once at the one end
was a pilot who who took the video took the picture of the the unexplained tic tacs from 30 years ago
whenever it was that was the extent of his knowledge he didn’t have much more information
other than this is what I saw this is what I observed this is this was not normal
defied the laws of physics kind of thing okay and then the guy on the other end was involved in
another encounter where he saw something that he was not in that disabled his avionics in some way
some part of his avionics and then the guy in the middle was the guy who was responsibility was
who sat on whatever you know government organization was responsible for investigating these things
and each of them had their different their their different piece of the pie but there was no
tangible evidence remaining the closest it came was the guy in the center that said yes we have
wreckage yes we have biologics and they are not human and when they pressed him on whether or not
he had seen them he said nobody had talked to people who had seen them so you know what you can do with
hearsay evidence right in a court of law so I’m glad in a way that someone says we have this stuff
that doesn’t that came from somewhere other than planet earth and it’s not it’s biologics of other
than the human origins and we have this wreckage that exist of maybe it’s you nanoplanitarium whatever
it was that you said and you know maybe it is a substance for another another galaxy another
universe another planet another life form or maybe interdimensional that’s great because that’s
always been my greatest part of the disbelief is that if they existed if they visited we would
have to have something like that now they say it exists okay all you got to do a show to me they’re
they’re part way here they’re part way here all you got to do a show to me right you know it’s like
doubting the story of doubting thomas in the bible until I poke my finger in his hands and his side
I’m not going to believe and of course they told you that story so you’d have faith that I know a lot
of people want to have faith in extraterrestrials and I’m not saying it’s impossible it’s certainly
as possible how arrogant of human beings to to determine or to a vow that we’re the only intelligent
life form that exists anywhere that’s that’s ridiculous and and that’s only if you consider
humans to be an intelligent life form but again you know the one guy who was the head of the
government organization with the responsibility for this particular subject matter said we do have
that stuff and if they do have it then that’s the road to convince me that it exists and because
that would be my expectation I mean I don’t know how it could be otherwise and and so now let’s get
it out in the open you know if it exists wherever they’re keeping it whatever secret place to keep
let’s bring it out in the open let’s bring a group of international experts in the various sciences
and have them look at it observe it measure it test it you know all and then come up with their
best guess of what what it is go ahead Brent got a got to tell Mac when it’s time for Brent to talk
well actually they’ve already have done that a couple of times Mac they’ve had I guess what
you’d call unofficial hearings of UFO technology I think it was 2011 and I think it was at the
Publishers Convention a guy by the name of Dr. Greer brought it up he coalesced together
not only a bunch of former military and pilots and and whistleblowers to sit
across the table from a panel of they weren’t active like congressmen or active republic or I mean
representatives anymore but they were asked to sit there and within that they concluded that
it’s most definitely something that needs to be looked into because there seems to be all kinds
of evidence to support it yeah I would go back to what Mike said you know you see the lights on
just assume somebody’s there and you have average person believes probably most of what they see or
what they read and we have newspaper articles that date back a hundred hundred fifty years
to talk about a landing a crash on a farmer’s farm in Texas and all of the
the support that went with that as a matter of fact the memory serves it was Corpus Christi
where the Bobby of this alien was given a good Christian funeral and laid in in a in a grave
some years later some guys went back there that do a lot of investigating
they had one of these things that can tell what’s under the ground
and it was a big one and they could map it out and the body whatever body was there wasn’t there
anymore but they could tell that the ground had been disrupted beneath the top what does all that
mean well how could they even thought up a story like that and post it back in 1840 1850 whatever
but again it’s through credible people the witnesses that were there in the article apparently many
people saw this the the owner then it was a judge I guess through a bunch of this wreckage down the
well and I can’t imagine why but the guy wound up dying of just this this horrible arthritis I mean
they didn’t even look like hands they looked like basketballs
there’s some evidence but to this day that sign remains in the cemetery that yes
naly and craft did crash here allegedly we’ll say back in memory serves like 1852 three somewhere in
air yeah it was in 1800s anybody get down to the bottom of the well to try to retrieve the
stuff they threw down very good question yeah somebody came in and cemented the whole well
drive or off you still dig it up but you need permission yeah some see some of these stories
this is what I mean I’ve done race you know me mr deep dive research I did the study into that one
a long time ago I forget what I came up with but you know I sort of like me probably not
but who knows I mean you can’t you can’t say like I said 95% is a bunch of who we
5% and you’re more likely to believe something more recent I mean we have sensors in space
we have sensors on fighter aircraft we have sensors on ships we have internet intercontinental
ballistic missile radars we have airports everywhere and everyone’s carrying a freaking
cell phone today yes and the resolution isn’t always so good on those but especially at night
but I mean the amounting evidence is I don’t think anybody disagrees there’s UFOs there’s
stuff we can’t explain there are things I think I showed you one that was even when I when I first
saw the 30 second video clip I’m like damn that’s impressive you go find a longer clip and what it
is it’s it’s a really one of those foil balloons from a carnival L it was a letter L it was a giant
letter and if it glinted off the Sun just right it looked like a fiery UFO but once you saw the rest
of the story it’s obviously a balloon okay so there’s one explainable but there’s many of these
that that are not I’ve seen a lot that I can’t explain yeah so I’m just saying a lot can be
and a lot can’t be but I think the evidence is mounting you said something a long time ago
Brent that I mentioned to Matt you had said that they’re releasing things are going to release
things slowly yes until it’s finally all out in the open and what prompted this discussion
is you know my favorite guy Greg Gutfeld right when this broke I was out of town so I got back
and I found out about it later and Greg I caught up with and he said why isn’t this on every news
station in the world this should be leading not just the United States but around the world
this guy is really credible you know Mac was talking about Rush as the guy’s name in the center
he was not just some guy he was the guy in charge he was the guy responsible
what you know when I first heard it I thought oh these people are just gaslighting this employee
he wasn’t an employee this guy at the top you know he was he was in there and these people had to
report to him so it’s not like I mean it’s like if I was the supervisor and all my employees had
to report to me that’s who he was he’s not just some guy and you know you don’t know Walter Kern
but Walter Kern is a fairly straight shooter he’s on Godfeld a lot too he’s just a novelist but
he’s been around alongside very serious man and he said I’ve known this guy for 20 years and I’m
going to tell you he’s a straight shooter never Mike even he when they asked him do we have
biological matter and he said yes and they said did you see it no well he’s beat on us see that’s
the other thing that gave him credibility in my mind he’s not trying to say he saw something he
didn’t or touched something he didn’t he’s saying it’s reported to me and I’m the boss and they’re
telling me so does this all of this mean you’re retracting I got a friend Brent
and there’s absolutely crazy thing no Brent I still think you’re crazy but for a lot of other
recent yeah in the nicest a plethora of other reasons I even think you’re still you know
too see you were always the guy I want to believe you know like the X files yeah like
your background even right now you were the guy that wanted to believe I’m the guy that said
I’m open you know I don’t believe much at the time but as like I said as things progressed
I started going huh huh and became more convinced and like I said I’m 95 to 99 percent there now I still
don’t believe the ancient aliens crap most of that’s debunked it’s a bunch of hooey I’m not saying that
if there are aliens that they couldn’t have been here in the past obviously there’s time
plenty of time I mean it could have been but the things they bring forward make you go
once you once you watched ancient aliens debunk which you don’t want to watch because you
you know your emotions get the better of you oh oh I believe this again I have no problem saying
I was wrong that’s why I’m here today Brent I’m saying I was wrong and I was wrong about
everything but I’m saying to you this is my magopa moment with you well I appreciate it and
I’m glad this is because nobody would ever believe you said that I don’t think you’re crazy but I do
think you have a sexy beard and mustache I’m just saying I’ll catch you something I gotta go shave
it off a wife wants me to shave it off that gets that gets you something listen you know I listen that
was over an hour it was it might have been a couple hours I listened to that whole hours and 43 minutes
I listened I watched that whole damn thing I’m sitting on the couch with my earphones in and my
my dad’s watching television I’m watching my tv my little screen on my phone I watched that whole
interview that whole even all the extra people who were added ad hoc to the committee to ask
their stupid questions and I’ll tell you just didn’t move the needle for me you know the one guy that
took pictures of the tiktok the tiktok yeah the tiktok thing yeah but the interview kept calling
tiktok yeah um you know he didn’t have much thought he didn’t have much to add the other guy was you
know again he was on the tactical side he was it was the you know pilot kind of guy he was offered
Virginia Beach the other kind of San Diego so they could offer their eyewitness testimony which
you know to me confirms that there’s UAPs or UFOs and I’ve really been there for a long time and
that’s why they’re called UFOs because we they’re unidentified we don’t know what they are you know
they take the next step that it actually is some sort of interdimensional or out of this world
kind of device or craft or biological material I say that’s fine that would be the
evidence that I would expect us to find if this were accurate and true and what I had was some
guy telling me well I haven’t seen it myself but people who have seen it told me about it and you
know he’s the I keep going I hear that but I keep in my mind I keep saying no this is not just some
guy that heard it from some guy that’s when Brent tells me something that’s some guy heard it from
some guy this guy the guy in charge that people report to it just seemed too much at this point
that it’s like you know that thing you know and all Saddam Hussein’s generals told Saddam Hussein
that they had weapons of mass and action to Saddam Hussein I think America and our this this American
Air Force guy he was a retired major he was intel he was also a GS-15 equivalent to a full bird kernel
this is a guy that could have lost and has he possibly lost everything if you listen to him
he never said once I’ve seen it I’ve touched it and that’s what gives him credibility
because I sit there well Mike I’ve told both of you I’ve seen three UFOs one of them was less
than a hundred feet from me where where’s my credibility that’s not somebody telling me that’s
something I’m telling nobody nobody can argue personal testimony okay I can sit here and say well
Brent you were smoking some ganja and you do it every day all day and so your credibility
level goes from a night now you’re trying to discredit me because that’s not true oh no look
pot smokers Elon Musk great he smokes pot I’m just saying Brent what yes when questions
you told us that you’ve seen an unidentified flying object I have I have no idea what that thing
was yeah that’s what I’m saying yeah neither so my point is is that when you say I’ve seen this
okay Brent I believe you what is it what was it are you trying to tell me that it’s an alien
and my my only point is is that I don’t doubt you’ve seen what you’ve seen but it’s unidentified
that’s the definition right so could have been a TR3B could have been I
it could have been a thousand different things you know I Mike and I were talking earlier I said
you remember when David Blaine was on television and he made the Statue of Liberty disappear
right it’s all kinds of things that we can’t explain but then you get a chance to understand
a little bit better you understand the unique conditions you understand then maybe you come
up with a with a reason for what you saw and I’m not saying you didn’t see some aircraft or some
thing that’s unexplainable that you believe it I’m not saying that what I’m saying is that
there is no tangible proof that the sky in the middle said I have there’s tangible proof exist
the United States government has it great show it to me get together the experts have them
have them examine it have them come up with some plausible based on their years of experience
and their education and their intellect and their unique scientific skills have them do the complete
investigation and tell us what they think it is now I’ve got a bit based on as you said their
credentials and their reliability and their reputation for honesty and fidelity now we’ve
got something all we have right now is a bunch of I heard I was told and you know
for you to tell me that because he hasn’t seen it that makes it more likely to be true he’s not
trying to blow smoke of anybody’s blood is all I’m saying it’s absolutely incredible
hey wait a minute did you know that I have a ghost underneath my bed you can’t see it Mike
but trust me right there I’m going to use another analogy so that more rational people who are not
invested either way can think about this I might tell you either way I’m just saying there is no proof
and it’s okay well you I agree we haven’t seen it so okay we all agree we haven’t seen it but I’m not
vehemently other than see I have never been to Argentina can you believe that I’ve been
all over the world never once have I been to Argentina but do you know what I believe Argentina
exists Mike that’s a shitty analogy the only evidence will have the only evidence you have
is that it appears on every map and every globe in the world yeah I’ve never lived to have
yeah and I’ve met people from Argentina I say they live there I had the planes that have flown
over and have actually seen the dirt I haven’t I mean I believe Argentina I believe Peru exists
and never been there never met anybody from Peru I knew somebody whose grandmother was born in
Argentina but I still believe this well let me ask you this gentlemen Mike you said you’re about
95 percent yeah your needle hasn’t moved at all Mac what let me just ask this so it has moved
it has moved when that guy in the center said the government has this material
that would have been my expectation so it did move the needle a little bit for me
my next question is let me see it you know and they’re never gonna show it to you he didn’t see it
do you understand the guy that said we had it he didn’t see it Mike says that makes them more
believable but it does in my mind it’s because there are so many charlatans out there that a guy
that is putting his whole life his whole career on the line isn’t trying to blow smoke up anybody’s
but well we don’t know that he’s telling him I mean I’m just saying the preponderance of the
evidence in my opinion I’m going to believe the guy why did that congressional investigation
happen one day after the hunter Biden investigation in Congress maybe they’re trying to show you some
bright shiny thing I know that argument too see I can’t argue with that Mac well I can throw my
brains on you bobble I know this is done I’m not saying that’s not done we see it time after time
something comes out about Biden and they bring some new charge against Trump obviously this is
what’s going on that particular hearing was planned way in advance but see I don’t trust the government
anymore Mike there was a time when I did trust the government but I haven’t trusted the government
since the Benghazi thing yeah I know Susan Rice went out there and absolutely lied it’s not a
question of whether or not she may or may not have she absolutely lied okay and they lied to
protect Obama to make sure that his reelection campaign went smoothly that’s what I knew the
government I had suspicions before all right but that was definite there was no doubt we couldn’t
trust the government just to give everybody heads up or I think we’re at nine minutes can you see
on your end Brett I can’t see it but I’ll take a left yeah I’ll put a left corner you see a ticker
we may have an evening time yes I do all right so that’s that’s just the warning where we’re at
um so it was the last thing you said back in the end all I’m saying Mike is is that I don’t trust
the government anymore and I think I have good reason not to trust the government and I think that
the timing of this congressional explosive see they’re talking about potential aliens from
another dimension or another planet having proof of that if that you know if independent stay
was the movie I was trying to talk about before right everybody in the whole world
gathers together one common enemy there’s none of that going on there’s none of that
that’s what that’s what Greg Gutfeld said that really you know it didn’t so I went to my step
daughter she was here and I mentioned this hey she shrugged just like Gutfeld said everybody’s
just shrugging my mother-in-law’s up from Virginia Beach mentioned her collective shrug yeah okay
and I think that’s because 65 percent of the world already kind of believed this
or at least here in America according to Pew at one level of another like you said Brent this
is where I’m going to give you some credit all right oh you you had said to me that they’re going
to trickle this out so that when it finally is revealed it’s not this big shocker right people
people used to say the war of the world’s radio program well people committed suicide stuff
there’s a lot of people to believe that you know none of that ever happened nobody ever
committed suicide because of the war of the world’s that was a myth made up by a writer at
the Washington Post to try and put the emphasis back on people reading newspapers and not listening
to radio as much because radio is gaining traction it’s an interesting history but yeah I don’t go
I don’t go around saying that the government is pristine but to me the fact is this hearing
was scheduled they couldn’t know what was going to happen or break in the news the day or even the
week before this was scheduled out this guy had been talking to Newsmax News Nation
a month two months before this hearing ever came about this was not something that was planned to
distract from political inconveniences you know and it was a bipartisan committee that
they actually acted very respectful towards each other even AOC I mean she even actually
I think asked a decent question or two um so it didn’t seem very partisan to me at all
I think we all want to know regardless of our political beliefs we want to know as a human
species sure yeah well if they have that goods if they have the tangible evidence all they have to
do to unite the world is to bring this evidence to the surface invite you know scientific scholars
from various international locations to come and do the research and the study on the material
they have and for them to offer their opinions as to what it might be and it seems to me that if
they’re willing to have this hearing that they ought to be willing to produce the evidence as well
and more than just having you know the again the two pilots on the end that testified to the
unidentified flying objects like that that I’ve longed in the corner that there exist things that
we’ve seen that we don’t know what they are that’s why they’re called unidentified the guy in the
center was that was that was the witness that they had it said not only did these wherever they
come from craft and biological units whatever they are not only were they here but we’ve gathered
tangible physical evidence of their their being here through a crash or through an accident or
whatever all I got to do is produce it produce it and let’s have some people investigate it dissect
it and and do a complete you know examination of what they have and let them offer up what it is
yeah we could do we could do a half an hour on why that may not be possible but
tell me if this might be your scale if you were them we’re just on by the way I’m just keeping our
time hacks I don’t have to edit the video we’re down at five under five minutes like the you
were a member of 1942 the Toronto Missouri a pastor was called out to what he was told was an
accident when he got there he saw the crash he saw the biologicals he thought they were children
but the closer he got the more he saw these aren’t kids he wrote about it actually in his diary
years later but he was asked to give them a good Christian burial they were dead obviously now
in my view we’re talking about credibility why would a pastor risk his entire career
talk about something that that didn’t happen when in fact there were records to show that
these were police responded that night and here’s where they went to
one of these things that you’ll bring up Brent is something that if you email them to me I’ll go
and investigate again if you bring up because again you have to ask well why didn’t they
exhum those bodies and if you tell me there was an accident and there were six or eight people
there and one person wrote it in his diary about it why didn’t the six or eight people write about
this extraordinary set of circumstances maybe they did I don’t know I just was having the story
do you understand when something that explodes of unusual impossible to believe happens
and only one person writes about it does does that make you suspicious remember it was nice
piece according to they they’d have called you a crackpot he lost everything right maybe that’s
what those six people were doing I think of the way actually something Brent sure you came across
alien remains in the middle of the highway do you think you’d be screaming about it for a while
would you think that that experience would so unnerved you that they wouldn’t be able to shut
you up nobody would listen to Brent well okay the regular ordinary human being of average intelligence
that that person found to you yeah you know my point is is that there are some things that are so
fantastic that how do they keep you quiet like yeah like I said I would guess it’s the big stigma
that’s been generated well since the 40s you know aliens don’t exist UFOs don’t exist and you’re a nut
job if you talk about it Brent for the last 20 years they’ve been trying to convince us that global
warming is real that the ocean is going to arise by a foot and a half New York City is going to be
underwater by 2012 and yet President Obama is buying um Oceanside property in Martha’s Vineyard
so they don’t believe what they’re saying and my point is is that if the UN can get guard Gant
Gander if if the UN can can gather that much support for a theory about the earth warming
you don’t think they could gather enough support when the United States says oh hey by the way we’ve
got this wrecked aircraft with biological material that is not human you don’t think the UN would get
a little bit excited about that want to know about it want to get involved with it unless we’re we’re
reverse engineering it that’s where our technology is coming from we’re a minute and a half away
from the end it’s just going to cut us off so yeah there’s some good extra questions as to
why the UN might not or might be in the verge of doing that in the future maybe this is the
beginning of something else it’s been a few years since the Pentagon admitted this in the first place
2016 so here we are seven years later learning this they admitted to you at most like seven
years from now maybe they’ll bring that stuff out who knows they admitted I don’t know I love none
of us know and we’re at the one minute mark so Brent since you’re the guest if you were you know
baby I don’t have a whole lot to add for you gentlemen only that I’m going to pray you get
to witness what I did it’ll blow your mind what really really is going to pop your head off your
shoulders Mac Mike maybe not so much but that’s going to be my prayer that you you guys experience
that too hey Brent while you’re praying yeah there’s a mega millions lottery drawing on Friday
night pray for me I’m sorry I can’t can’t pray for that why not that’s gambling no it isn’t
Book of Numbers gambling hey we’re just going to get suddenly come off Mac and Mike and Brent
out out thank you gentlemen