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Hey everybody, welcome back to Mac and Mike, I’m Mike and that is Mac.
We had some discussions like every week to decide what we’re going to talk about and
I saw a video earlier this week with the hodge twins which is also known as the conservative
A couple stand up comedian black guys and they’re on YouTube which I’m surprised I don’t even
know if they’re on rumble but as I listen to them they’re talking about the things that
Mac and Mike probably got banned from Facebook about which I can’t be sure why we got banned
from Facebook.
They didn’t tell us but so anyway I’m listening to this diatribe which is funny about the Bud
Light thing and transgenders and they’re talking homos and niggas you know and they’re saying
all this kind of stuff that you can’t normally in polite society say at least according
to YouTube but yet they seem to get away with it.
Now you know the first thing that comes to mind is okay they’re black so they’re not
going to take them off of YouTube simply because they’re black but then you went into
more detail about how that affects decision-making at the corporate level.
You know there was a story not too long ago where a country music artist used a variation
of the N word to say good night to his friends okay and he was excoriated and his record
label dropped him and people got all upset and everything and you know in effect they tried
to cancel this young man who had a budding career as a western, a country western music
artist and it had the opposite effect.
Now you might think that that’s typical for the typical country western audience but
I had it had a different effect that actually made them a little bit more popular and I think
the point that you were trying to make is that the conservative twins because of the skin
color could get away with a lot more than someone else who couldn’t.
But it’s not just the minorities you know how many times do you see on the internet some
flavor of the LGBTQ TIA plus plus family behaving in a very demonstrative, angry, directive
way right.
I mean I can show you a couple of YouTube videos that I’ve stumbled upon where you know
someone who’s professing a belief of one particular you know part of the rainbow of the LGBTQ groups
that they will say very aggressive things like if you don’t agree with me then you know
how about I slap my 11 inch steel toed boot across your throat you know or or the guy
that said when you when you corner an animal they’re going to come out fighting well if
you corner me I’m going to come out fighting too and you know what those people are advocating
for violence and if there’s one thing that any platform should be monitoring against is
advocacy for any kind of violence right but you mentioned the whole twins and the words
that they use and the things that they said and you know guys like you and I can’t say the
same thing so it’s not on YouTube we can hear on rumble well first is the whole issue
of free speech right what is free speech and if everybody doesn’t have free speech does
it really exist you know that I mean that’s an intellectual question perhaps for pondering
and discussion but really free speech is a first amendment right protected by the first
amendment to the to the Constitution and but see the the the the Constitution and the bill
of rights only applies to government doesn’t apply to individual companies so if an individual
company wants to shut somebody off for any reason I guess they have the ability the authority
the one could argue it’s a responsibility to to do that but what happens when only one
part of the spectrum gets the freedom of speech and several other parts of the spectrum don’t
receive the same courtesy you know I I don’t want to say this is like Nazi Germany because
of course everybody uses that expression and it’s not like Nazi Germany but but there
is a certain amount of authoritarianism in it when you allow some people to speak their
mind and you don’t allow other people to speak their mind and it’s the first is the immediate
impact the immediate response because obviously people that are looking at this particular
platform we’re now talking about Facebook of course people looking at this particular
platform are only getting a certain part of the argument they’re only getting a certain
part of the perspective of the of the attitudes of the opinion so it’s not really a debate
it’s it’s really a statement of this is what I believe if there’s no opposing view there’s
no debate there there’s not even an opportunity for people to watch both and make up their own
mind what you what you get when only one side of the argument or one side at one perspective
is being presented you get indoctrination is what you get yeah well what’s that section
we go back to that section 230 thing again like okay if if YouTube and Facebook and all
these other platforms were not covered under section 230 I would I would certainly say
well they have the perfect right as individual companies to ban or not have on their systems
anyone they don’t want like I don’t just let anybody on vets for Trump say what they
want because if it I mean if they have an argument to make I always let it go if they’re
just cursing and saying bad stuff it’s like you’re not making a point you’re not further
in discussion but with section 230 you know that’s the part that eks and irks and they
were trying to change that and they never accomplished it I think it should just be removed completely
if you’re going to be you know a private corporation then everyone understands okay you’re slanted
but when you give special the government gives special permissions because they said we are
just a platform that’s the art we’re just a platform people can say what they want well
no they can’t so they’re they’re actually violating the protections that they were granted from
section 230 every time they ban somebody for just having an opposing point of view now if
you say like you pointed out you know I’m I encourage everybody to go out there and set fire to name
your building person whatever that’s a terroristic threat that’s different if you incite violence
that’s you know to a certain level even the Supreme Court said you can’t cry fire in a crowded
theater so you know there are limitations to free speech but when it’s just an opposing
point of view even if it’s a bigoted opposing point of view that’s fine well the argument is
is that the free speech that needs protection the most is the free speech that we hate the most
right I mean because if you don’t know what’s being said you cannot debate or argue against
that hatefulness so at least there should be an opportunity to debate but here’s the bigger here’s
the bigger picture in my mind if you only allow certain opinions and certain perspectives on your
platform what you eventually get is that whole preaching to the choir kind of thing and and then
nothing changes right as a matter of fact it has the opposite opposite of of of not changing
it reinforces the existing narrative exactly and and and what happens in that environment is is
that we get more and it’s a society as a group we get more and more inculcated more and more
set more and more unwilling to change in in our attitudes and perspective and let me tell you
something one thing I’m sure of the attitudes of today are going to change in the future I guarantee
you because I’m old enough to remember when the attitudes were 180 degrees out of phase from what
what people are espousing today yes it wasn’t that long ago no right so if it can swing this way
can certainly swing back I’ve been thinking about the swing back and that’s a good point that
you bring up back I’m not sure see I’m a little bit pessimistic right now now I know I won’t live
to see the swing back I don’t believe at least not in its entirety I think we’re starting to see
some of that because look you can only be so crazy on the right and on the left before the average
American says you’re nuts and the truth exists and we recognize the truth hopefully enough of us
like we can say probably close to 40 percent of American voters have the intellectual
quotient of an aunt I mean it may be not because they’re stupid because they’re raising kids they’re
having families they have a history in their family I remember my bosses but they also believe
the stuff that they see in the mainstream some of that’s true yeah like this is more than just
one thing but a large percent of it is they’re too busy my old boss in the military I asked
him if he was a Democrat oh yeah I’m a Democrat and you know finding a Democrat in the militaries
not a completely rare thing but not many of them and not many that would say they are
and this is back in the early 90s I think we had this discussion I said Dave why are you a
Democrat he said my momma was a Democrat my daddy was a Democrat my grandpa
it’s like okay so this but do you agree with any of the the policies because you know other than the
fact that the man went into debt like had his mortgage triple triple mortgage known his house
didn’t know how to handle money everything else in his life was fairly conservative so I didn’t
understand his his position sure I remember as a young person one of my mother’s best friends
was an avowed Democrat and and I asked her one time as a child you know how do you decide
between being a Democrat and a Republican because she was always always always always
advocating for the you know whatever was going on the Democratic Party she was she was actually
like in their committee and stuff right she was involved with politics and she said whenever I was
young she said we had a really rough time and then Franklin Donald Roosevelt was president
and the government gave my dad a job and that made everything different that made the world
of difference in our lives and she said I will always vote Democrat because without without
FDR without the Democratic Party giving my dad a job we would have suffered for years and years
and years and that was her justification for being Democrat had nothing to do with what the
policies were or whether it was good or bad for her it had to do with her dad giving a job back
nothing matters till it’s crazy yeah right that’s the saying yeah and I guess what she didn’t know
was the other side that Franklin Donald Roosevelt said he’s the one that caused the recession to
continue by his policies yeah so and again we can look at Elon Musk buying Twitter now I know that
lots of people have terrible things to say about Elon Musk and Twitter he’s he’s the devil you know and
he’s you know all the misinformation all the disinformation is now on Twitter and I would
disagree because I’ve been on Twitter and I’ve read I follow several people on Twitter and the
dialogue is there and the discourse is there and there’s and there’s people espousing opinions
from both sides and I think it’s a very very fair system for people to go and see different ideas
from different people you know about the same issue the same problem and you know I don’t
think we could we should ever shut anyone off even the crazy people you know at least let them
speak yeah their opinion is valid even if we think that it is silly or unimportant or or you know
we shouldn’t be listening to them their opinion is valid it’s their opinion and if you have an
open forum where everyone gets a chance to speak and you know I think Twitter is far and above
a better platform than Facebook now not that they’re compared they’re not really the same in most
any comparison but from a content perspective you know there’s a lot more diversity of thought
on Twitter than there is there than there is on Facebook and and I would argue that diversity
of thought is the ultimate issue of equality in today’s world you know we think of diversity
in our lives as being someone’s skin color but it’s more than just ethnicity race religion
you know diversity of ideas is just as important if not more important than diversity of skin color
and and you know sexuality and all these other things that we’re basing diversity on so I applaud
what Twitter is doing but it’s even it’s even more than that Mike I think that
America has a set of values or traditionally has had a set of values and somehow I’m not entirely
sure how but somehow we’ve gotten away from it remember a couple of videos back we talked about
the Wall Street Journal poll American values and they did the poll in 98 and they did the poll this
and the difference is in certain you know foundational bedrock kinds you know in religion and having a
job and patriotism those kinds of things and those people who thought it was important it was 30
40 percentage points less today than it was in 1998 now I’m not sure what has changed in our
nation in 25 years but obviously from the responses to the polls attitudes and opinions i.e.
American values has changed significantly then you got to ask yourself the question
is that good or bad because see I would go back to your conservative twins
and I watched the video that you’re talking about and I know there’s there are comedy
they’re built on comedy that’s what they’re trying to achieve and I think comedy
is the last best of free speech and should be allowed to have a wider freedom
than most anything else right because if you can’t laugh at one another they’re what left left
but but the question I would ask is would we support the conservative twins with the hodge twins
whatever the name they want to go by what we support their rather uncouth language as the daily
norm in our in our society because I don’t think we would no you know recognizing that it’s
comedy a little bit more leeway a little bit more freedom a little more latitude I get it but
you know if if you or I were talking like the conservative twins and we were talking like that
in the middle of the grocery store somebody would object oh yeah multiple people would object
I would object to myself you know but my point is is that in that forum and and and we were using
them as an example of what you know facebook is allowing in one section of of their of their
well this is YouTube just to be clear oh I’m sorry you do yeah but but my point is is that
YouTube is using using allowing their language and antics to go on when they didn’t allow our
much more understated language to be to be to be broadcast and I think that there’s a
discrimination factor in there I mean look we’re two old white guys nobody really cares what we
think right right I mean the only the only people in America today that you can absolutely
get away with criticizing making fun of his old white guys right yeah we should have called ourselves
two old white guys instead of back and like probably get more hits maybe that right subtitle yeah we
should probably add that to old white guys that we’re gonna change that we’re gonna change that
be listen everybody makes fun of us right yeah again I and I know we’re getting old but when I
as a kid right father knows best and leave it to beaver and Marcus well be MD all the heroes
we’re old white guys I don’t know if you’ve noticed this Mike have you noticed how few people
in television commercials today have white skin yeah and it’s gonna sound I’m gonna sound like a
racist when I say this I don’t mean it anyway I mean as matter of fact as I can say you know
percentage of the population skews significantly white now that doesn’t mean that everybody in
television commercials should be white but you would think at least there would be a
representative percentage of of all races in your television but that’s not true it’s almost
like white people don’t buy stuff anymore yeah now I’m still buying stuff you buying stuff I am and
listen I don’t I’m not gonna buy rainfall granddaughter in the next room you know listen I do not I
don’t take offense when any color of the rainbow or any spectrum of the LGBTQ you know become spokesperson
for a certain product recently we had this big dust up with with Bud Light and Dylan Mulvaney
my only question there was not that Dylan Mulvaney was a transgender but
don’t you usually want to advertise in a way that’s going to appeal to your market
and to improve your market share yeah wouldn’t you want to appeal to 50 percent of the population
rather than 0.07 you know it’s like but but I especially if it’s going to alienate to 50 percent
and my point is you see all these these music people in the country western genre who are shooting
Bud Light cans and refusing to have Bud Light at their concerts and all this kind of stuff and look
you can say well there are Hicks and their rednecks whatever you want to say but my point is only this
redneck country boys drink beer I drink beer you would think that you would put an advertising
campaign together that would stimulate redneck country boys to buy more of the product that
they’re already buying let’s face it Mac real men don’t drink like beer that’s true that really
that’s that’s true too although you know I and I learned significantly do you know Bud Light
was Bud Wiser’s best seller the most popular beer was Bud Light now I’ve drinking but you know as
a general role I drink another brand of beer but I have participated in drinking Bud Wiser and
Michelob and I like both those beers but if I would have learned that Bud Light was their number one
seller I would have now from this advertising that they did with with Dylan Mulvaney and and you
could apply any invective that you want to it and you can say that it’s all kinds of hate and whatever
you want to say to it I’m just talking about reality they lost 17 percent of their market share
when they did that campaign in addition to that 17 percent less sales of Bud Light absolutely
occurred it’s a fact it’s it’s what the numbers tell you at the same time Bud Light or excuse me
Coors Light and Miller Light went up by six percent so somehow through this advertising campaign that
they decided to move forward with they lost 17 percent and the direct competitors increased six
percent I added up to be 23 percent market share lost right now maybe they get it back
over time maybe you may have seen a lot over the last couple of weeks a lot of traditional
Bud Light commercials with regular people in Clydesdale version that was pointed out by Gutfeld
they were pointing they yeah they’re trying to as soon as that happened it’s like you know
patriotism all that nobody’s buying it you know everybody knows the company’s woke but
it was an increased level of advertising for Bud Wise or specifically Bud Light
but it it didn’t touch on anything other than their traditional marketing approaches and you know I
again I’m I’m I’m simply stating this these facts for information for for discernment for
people thinking about it I mean obviously Bud Light made a mistake because they lost a significant
amount of sales and on their number one beer product nobody really wants to lose that much
market share on their on their number one product so now what they’re trying to do is they’re trying
to put a band-aid on it they’re trying to heal the wound or they’re trying to change the perception
whatever terms you want to put around it they’re making a massive effort now it reminds me of
did you remember several years ago when Coca Cola thought that Pepsi was gaining
market share because it was a sweeter yeah and they knew Coke so they made new Coke remember the new
Coke I do and all this advertising and all this hoopla and they you know Super Bowl commercials
and and New Year’s Eve things and all this new Coke it’s they started to lose market share rapidly
their customers were complaining all over the country so what they do they came out with classic
Coke yeah now years later do you see new Coke and classic Coke any more what do you see Coke you
see Coke right and guess what it’s not the new recipe no and I’m still a Pepsi guy yeah yeah well
I’m a Pepsi guy too actually at Mountain Dew is what I if I if I’m gonna get a soda and I don’t
often but Mountain Dew is what I I prefer and that is a that is a Pepsi product so you know I
I guess what we’re in we need to wrap this up but I guess what I’m talking about here is is that
you know there’s there’s common sense and there’s logic and common sense and logic should rule all
things right should but when we talk about you know YouTube shutting off our channel
because you had the audacity to talk about you know transgender human beings and and and their
experience and what was going on in the world I participated in that conversation it wasn’t
like you were the only one who said it I don’t mean that but but it was Facebook that banned us
not facing okay we didn’t even bother trying to post to YouTube because we knew we’d get
no way there but you I’m sorry YouTube was one that a conservative point what they were saying so
so the point I’m trying to make is is that you know to try to police those things in such disparate
ways only confuses people and enforces people’s biases why would you want to do that yeah it’s
the same thing with the Bud Light it’s it’s you know it’s not dissimilar from the Bud Light decision
they confused people and and and they played unfortunately to a negative response to people’s
biases right the typical beer drinker is not Dylan Mulvaney I’m sorry it isn’t okay and you know not
that it was intentional but what they did intentionally upset a significant portion of their typical
consumers and you know if we take this to the next level up or the next level after that might
what we’re really talking about is is that there is an absolute effort at the highest levels of
the socio-economic controllers I mean I mean the big corporations the big companies the big banks
the money people who are trying to change the perception of American society right and they’re
doing it incrementally and they what you want me to say something pretty controversial for you
go ahead we’re on rumble it doesn’t matter they really don’t care what the consumer wants
they really don’t care what the consumer’s opinion is they really don’t care what their the
people who support their products they don’t care what they think they just don’t well see a lot of
conservatives are not for these kind of boycotts and bands i’m not for boycotts but but there was a
good point made that the one specifically because it was so high profile with Bud was that we need
because of what you said about all the companies which is true we need to start as American citizens
making an example of these country companies because we don’t want it to continue because
i think what happened in corporate America and if it didn’t yeah because you say they don’t care
when it affects their stock holders their shareholders they will care because those people
get voted out of the boards and other people be put in i hope you’re right i hope you’re right well
eventually it just takes enough and long enough and you know we’re a big country it’s we move
very slowly it’s it’s hard to turn the whole cultural shift around but i think in in the long run
that the boycott against or not it’s not even a boycott it’s just actually i see i think
you can’t really say it was a boycott against Bud like it just sort of naturally happened it’s a
groundswell of yeah it was groundswell it wasn’t you know hey let’s do this ura it was no but i
like that it continued because it’s it the big corporations are going to listen eventually to
their shareholders and the shareholders are going to see what’s happening at bud just like
what happened at Disney and it’s like i hope i hope you’re right Mike a couple of days after
this Bud Light thing happened and Bud Light was trying you know they they put a couple of
corporate ad executive on leave leave of accents there was a small group of people very vocal but
small group of people who advocate for LGBTQ issues and they were a letter to Budweiser corporate and
said we expect you to come out with a statement that supports the lgbtq community now Budweiser
did not do that okay but what they mentioned in their letter is this group as you know annually
you’re evaluated on your esg score for how well you’re you’re viewed by the monetary system and
those people that lend money etc and our rating for you will affect your esg score so what they
were trying to say in a veiled threat was maybe not so veiled threat if we give you a bad rating
on how you treat the lgbtq tia plus plus community then that will affect your esg score and that
may affect your ability to get you know uh loans and and and other kinds of capital needs to grow
and to support your business so so again what has to happen is okay so there’s competing forces
let’s call them punishments that the corporations have to deal with well we got a customer base
that’s one group that can punish us we have the banking industry for investment in the future
that can punishment punish us and those two things are at loggerheads but guess who’s going to win
out in the end i’m going to tell you buddy everybody thinks it’s the banks because they control the
money no because the banks want to loan their money that’s the thing they want to they need that
investment they need their money in order to that’s how they make their profit so we are the leverage
we the people and the consumers are truly the leverage if we realize our power
anyway that’s what i had to say about that and that’s the way it is i guess that’s all we have to
say about this issue and and we went pretty far afield from where we started with the conservative
twins but i do they’re tight i do think that’s all related it is absolutely all related and
and to me listen i’ve seen lots of dylan mauvaney and dylan mauvaney portrays a woman in a way that
looks like to me as a pre-teened young and i have boys and girls of my own i know how little boys
work and act i know how girls work and act and you know i understand i’m an old guy and maybe my
opinion doesn’t count anymore but if i were a woman i mean a real mature woman who was confident
in who i was and my abilities and and what i add to society i would be embarrassed about the way
dylan mauvaney portrays a woman i just certainly would be there and um i don’t know how that makes
sense for a big corporate entity like like Budweiser anheuser bush and of course they’ve been bought
out by some conslomerate so it’s it’s not even it’s not even american company more but i don’t know
how big organization like that can tie themselves to this person as a spokesperson and not expect
some sort of negative feedback you know what i mean um you know rock hudson was a actor
in the 50s and 60s huge actor big star yeah and he was gay okay and most people didn’t know or
didn’t care and those people who knew didn’t care he was an actor he was he was handsome and he was
good looking actor and people wouldn’t watch his movies but they didn’t lead with him being
a gay guy you know what i mean so that should be that shouldn’t be the most important thing
and i and i would say the same thing to budweiser i would say the same thing to facebook and and
and to youtube treat everybody equal regardless of who and what they are just let them speak let
them be them and you guys just be the you know again if somebody’s threatening to kill somebody
or somebody’s threatening terrorism i get it stop it we can’t have that but people offering
opinions need to let that happen yep well i guess we said we’re two old white guys back in mike