In the video, we mention the South Park episode excerpt shown by Ben Shapiro. Here is a link to the video that kicked off this session. It is a YouTube Short so it won’t take much time to watch it and laugh.

This whole DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) movement is just a disaster waiting to happen. It’s as if people have lost all rationality and decided that fairness and equality are somehow the enemy. They claim they want diversity, equity, and inclusion, but all I see is division, entitlement, and exclusion. It’s destroying organizations and industries by prioritizing identity over merit and skill. Suddenly, qualifications don’t matter anymore; all that matters is checking off some arbitrary boxes of representation. And let’s not even get started on cancel culture – one wrong word or action can now ruin your entire career. It’s madness! We should be focusing on promoting true equality based on individual character and abilities instead of these destructive DEI policies that only foster resentment and hatred among different groups of people.

I can’t believe how pathetically misguided our education system has become! Just when you think we’ve moved past the dark era of segregation and discrimination, here comes the new trend of DEI, or diversity, equity, and inclusion, which ironically seems to be pushing some high schools towards segregating students based on their race. How is this progress? Instead of promoting a truly inclusive environment where students learn from one another’s diverse experiences and perspectives, these so-called educational institutions have succumbed to divisive ideologies that ultimately undermine unity.

By dividing students into racial groups and treating them differently based on their skin color under the guise of equity, they are perpetuating a harmful cycle of victimhood rather than fostering a sense of personal responsibility and meritocracy. This approach not only undermines individual potential but also negates the basic principle that we should judge people by their character rather than superficial characteristics such as race. It’s disheartening to witness such regression in the name of misguided political correctness.

Equity and equal opportunity, contrary to popular misconception, are markedly dissimilar concepts that should not be casually conflated. I am absolutely bewildered by the perpetual confusion surrounding these two terms. Equity refers to a measurable outcome in which every individual receives resources and support tailored to their unique circumstances in order to achieve true fairness even when it means lowering standards! Equal opportunity simply means we compete on a level playing field at the start and see where people end up by merit, not by rigging the system.