In September 2020, Biden made a promise to dismantle Trump’s extensive immigration changes, as reported by NPR. We must acknowledge that he has followed through on this promise. As soon as Biden took office, he reversed all of Trump’s efforts to secure our border. Unfortunately, this has resulted in the deaths of thousands of people and an annual cost of approximately $84 to $94 billion, according to the Democrat-controlled Senate Budgetary Committee. These figures come from a reliable source, not from Trump or any right-wing organization. You can find more information in the attached PDF.

It is important to note that there are currently around 650,000 homeless people in America, with approximately 35,000 of them being veterans, according to the VA. If we were to put an end to illegal immigration, we could allocate $100,000 per homeless person every year and still have an extra $20 to $30 billion. This would significantly improve the situation for the homeless population.

Conservatives had warned about these consequences before the election, but unfortunately, their concerns were not taken seriously. It was only after a year or so, with the rising death toll from fentanyl, that the conservative press began questioning the White House about the border situation. However, the administration responded with lie after lie. By September 2022, the Biden administration had insisted on the record at least 17 times that the border was secure. By 2024, the number of such claims became too numerous to count.

FOX News took it upon themselves to send cameras and drones to the border in order to prove to the American public that the Biden administration was lying. They were the only news agency to do so. After a year of reporting, it became undeniable to any reasonable person that an invasion was well underway. Conservative governors responded by sending illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities and states. This issue gained national attention when 50 illegal immigrants were sent to the liberal stronghold of Martha’s Vineyard in September 2022, prompting the Governor to call out the National Guard to remove them. Even Elon Musk got involved by visiting the border and using his free speech platform X to show America what was happening.

As sanctuary cities began to experience a taste of what it was like to be a border state, they all started to voice their concerns. However, instead of requesting a return to the successful policies of the Trump era, their leadership simply asked for more funding to deal with the situation. This is why we will never find a resolution until Trump becomes President again. We, as a party, represent the people, while the Democrats will be left with a majority of privileged white liberals who are unable to see the suffering of the common man and woman.

Currently, 25 Governors have sided with Texas in their efforts to protect their border when the federal government fails to do so. Some have even sent their National Guard to assist with the crisis. This level of support was never seen during the Trump administration. Biden has the power to address this issue without needing any action from Congress. He could easily reinstate the same laws and executive orders that Trump used. However, this is a clear demonstration of the liberal Democrats disregarding the concerns of 75% of Americans who view this as a crisis or serious problem, as well as the 18% who consider it somewhat serious.