Trump famously called Haiti a shithole country. He wasn’t wrong but it caused outrage among the liberal elites as most honest statements do. Mac and Mike discuss if America is going down the path of becoming a shithole nation. All one has to do is compare Haiti with the Dominican Republic.

Haiti and the Dominican Republic, two countries that share the island of Hispaniola in the Caribbean, provide an intriguing case study for comparison. While both nations have comparable historical backgrounds and similar geographical landscapes, their developmental trajectories have diverged significantly over time. The Dominican Republic has experienced more political stability and a more prosperous economy compared to Haiti.

Factors such as better infrastructure, stronger educational systems, robust export sectors (including tourism), and a relatively favorable investment climate have contributed to the Dominican Republic’s relative success. In contrast, Haiti has faced political unrest, economic instability, environmental degradation, and high levels of poverty. Despite efforts by various international organizations and donors to aid Haiti’s development, progress has been nonexistent due to persistent issues related to governance and corruption.  America is now facing the same forces that can ruin a nation.