In contemporary American society, there is a growing sentiment that the nation is experiencing a cold war with itself. This internal conflict is marked by deep divisions along political, social, and economic lines, manifested in stark ideological differences between opposing factions. The polarization of the American populace has resulted in increased hostility, mistrust, and alienation among citizens. We based our video on a segment of an interview with Vivek Ramaswamy.

The lack of consensus on key issues such as healthcare, immigration, gun control, and climate change has further exacerbated this divide. Additionally, the rise of misinformation and disinformation campaigns on social media platforms have fueled animosity and bred suspicion among different groups. As a result, the United States finds itself in a state of internal conflict reminiscent of the ideological struggles seen during the Cold War era.

It is imperative for leaders across all sectors to navigate these turbulent waters carefully and work towards fostering unity, understanding, and compromise to prevent further escalation of tensions within America’s borders. As I type this it feels a bit ironic that I just used the word “borders” because that is one of the main issues. Does America even have borders under the current administration?