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Hey folks, welcome back to the Mac and Mike show we’ve got a special special guest available
with us today and I’m proud to introduce our good friend Joe from the great state of Georgia
and Joe’s also a vet and so when Mac and Mike get together and talk we often talk with other
veterans and Joe’s one of them today we thought we’d talk a little bit about things politics
current events of the day those kinds of things there’s a lot of things going on in the world today
most of them driven by some form of politics and I don’t care if you’re talking about the Ukraine
war you’re talking about social issues of the day politics is right there with it and the
movers and shakers of politics are often the ones that push us in a certain direction right Mike
got it like it or not or not and as we were talking about politics and broadly earlier today
Joe offered to us a very interesting thing he saw on the on television regarding Robert F. Kennedy
Jr. Democratic presidential hopeful yeah that was quite an experience I didn’t get to watch the
whole thing but he was uh I guess I acknowledge in his um
uh well what’s the word uh canceling uh canceling well is you know censorship censorship of his uh
whatever he was trying to get out on on certain things which I guess the house right now is taken
into the hearing about all the censorship that has gone on with the other entities of the government
what’s interesting Joe is is that you know some of the recent censorship of various voices in our
nation were prompted by government entities there are certain alphabet agencies of the government
who work in conjunction with private organizations like Google and Facebook and Twitter at all
we know that they were censoring certain voices they were they were they were restricting certain
people from saying things that they had to say and they were amplifying other things that other
people had to say and I think your Robert F. Kennedy uh testimony today involved him getting
shut out of of uh YouTube because of his views on COVID and um they were they were trying to turn
it into a racist context uh what he had to say uh when he was talking about uh affecting rates of
various nationalities of COVID and they were trying to turn that into some sort of racist comment and
you know his plea was there has to be a First Amendment right of free speech and that’s why it’s
so important to to protect it and the the problem is is that the Constitution of the United States
of America as written it’s it’s meant to form a government and then the Bill of Rights that is
the first 10 amendments to the Constitution our restrictions on our government to not infringe
on our personal freedoms unfortunately there is no First Amendment that applies to Google or
to Facebook or to Twitter or any of these other Instagram or you know YouTube or whatever because
they’re private entities and what is the FCC uh 230 or such section yes section 230 that that gives
them certain freedoms that are not available to other people they can pretty much you know violate
free speech if they want to based on the standards that they set whether those standards are are
applied equally or not oftentimes not applied equally yeah the problem i see is it’s basically
they have a monopoly on things and they did until smaller companies like rumble came along which is
the channel we’re on because we don’t trust YouTube to not take us off uh mac and mike got van from
Facebook no reason you know somebody just objected to something probably an opinion this guy had
i’m pretty sure his opinion but it’s you know how you know me i’m i’m practically catching milk toast
yeah right nothing i say is controversial but um you know well that’s the problem really
whatever we say i don’t think is controversial that’s how people take it and even if it is controversial
that’s the most important speech to be protected right that you don’t like again there’s no
there’s no First Amendment there’s a protection from YouTube and Google uh but that’s we are also we
put our stuff out on twitter since Elon Musk purchased it you know he’s a big free speech advocate
and he calls himself a free speech absolutist but with these section 230 protections my personal
opinion is that should cause these companies which that really protects them from libel and other
things in other words they’re not responsible for what you say well doesn’t that mean that they
should then be held to the First Amendment standard and let you say what you want to say as long as it’s
not calling for violence outright but today it’s like if you don’t like what someone says
that’s violence you know and that’s crazy um i get a kick there there’s a recent controversy
i don’t know if you’re aware of it Joe but uh country western music artist uh by the name of Jason
Aldean um recently issued a song put out a song that says you can’t do it or it won’t happen in
small town and basically drawn a comparison between the riots that occurred in many of the
major cities and you know and and just it won’t happen in a small town and and people are calling
it a racist song now there’s i’ve listened to the song multiple times i can’t find any one single
racist reference to it but i guess what they’re saying is is because that um maybe some of the
marginalized communities in large cities are the ones that are responsible for these riots
mostly nothing is absolute and um so when Jason Aldean calls it out in his song somehow that’s racist
i don’t think he’s calling out the skin color or the heritage of any of these people i think he’s
calling out the behavior yeah he’s talking he’s to talking about behavior and what we all talk
i think what he was saying is basically saying come and try to do that in my town yeah right or
anything that’s small town because small towns are known for being a little bit more conservative
and not putting up with a lot of craziness uh i remember we had the uh quite necessity by the way
yeah you know remember the George Floyd BLM riots and all that well i live in a college town
in Pennsylvania it’s really small i mean my grandmother went to college here through as a
teaching college Elizabethtown PA and they you know all over the news it was like there’s going to be
a BLM protest down at Elizabethtown college six people showed up in a dog is all over the news
you know it’s like that’s your small town um yeah and and you know they didn’t do anything
it just stand there and everybody went okay and as soon as they know nobody’s paying attention
they just left it’s like okay there’s no audience here you know so it’s it’s what we entertain and
what we give audience to i think also that matters you know in the old days we didn’t tolerate stupid
as much as we do today well today they need to talk about it on 24 seven news to keep to keep
every time my wife is just telling me that california is restricting uh math uh advancement for kids
until they reach certain like i don’t know high school they don’t want to teach these kids any
math because it’s unfair for the other kids oh my god math is racist yeah didn’t you know that
show math is racist i always thought numbers were numbers with the least racist subject in the
entire curriculum well no math is racist what all right isn’t most math wasn’t that mostly developed
in the Middle East by Muslims yeah i think that’s sometimes with people with dark skin yeah yeah
what do you know so that’s how racist math is well the other thing is california is trying to
eliminate any trade with 27 other states of the union yeah because those states don’t believe what
they believe good for them of course they’re trying to they’re trying to put a law in california that if
you move out of california you’re gonna tax it you have to pay california taxes for five years after
you move out you know california has been so good to you that that won’t be constitutional yeah i know
it won’t but those people are wacky out there and gavin newson wants to be president he’s never
gonna make it that’s hilarious let me pay i could just see desantis and uh and gavin newson stand up
on the podium saying and desantis says i want to do for the united states but i did the flor for
florida and gavin newson says and i want to do for the united states but i did to california yeah
yeah yeah i i mean i have a friend that lives in la that moved there from pennsylvania and
he loves the weather and the climate and everything so he’s never leaving you know he doesn’t care he’s
not rich so he’s not getting taxed the one one ticket yesterday for the billion dollar lottery
drawing in los angeles it was in hispanic uh restaurant never mind i was gonna say hey Eric
he went no it was a lot of team us uh team team us team schematists or something convenience store
in uh in los angeles wouldn’t it be funny i think it’s an irish guy as you guys say it could be funny
if an illegal alien won the the mega lottery yeah i guess you can buy a ticket legally yeah nothing
from them yeah well it’s funny they love the men i mean they’re paying for them to stay at hotels
and everything else yeah with our tax dollars you know talking about politics uh vivic
raven swami remis swami uh is a candidate for republican uh nomination for president and he’s doing
the he he runs around color and he’s a millennial right he’s only 37 years old so he’s barely over
the 35 years of age to be president requirement and he went to the south side of chicago now you
know the south side chicago joe probably better than most but south side chicago is repode carris
there yeah yeah well people every weekend they have 40 or 50 shootings in ten or 12 deaths and
so it’s not necessarily the kind of place you would think a republican janitor for president would go
and have a uh you know a meeting oh wow yeah and what he said was on the south side chicago taking
one of these school buildings and they’ve turned it into a immigrant relocation center
and they’re giving they’re meeting all these illegal immigrants needs to the tune about seven
thousand dollars per person per month well when vivic remis swami was talking to these people
who live in the south side chicago their questions were not five they weren’t unrealistic or unreasonable
with their questions basically worries you’re spending seven thousand dollars a month on these
illegal immigrants what about us what do we get you get to pay you spend seven thousand dollars a
month on us you know and i you know obviously one could argue that everyone involved should be
earning their own way but but if you push that argument aside for just a moment why is the united
states of america spending seven thousand dollars a month on illegal immigrants and allowing its
own citizens to starve and live in places that are substandard housing doesn’t make any sense
that we treat citizens i give you my opinion go ahead that’s where you’re buying a vote
they’re buying their vote they’re buying new votes they’re called old votes what about the black
people in in in chicago they’re asking where’s my for seven thousand dollars a month yeah when
are they gonna wake up and turn coats i think it is happening uh you see more and more at least
depending on what you watch like youtube has a lot of guys that are are black that are conservative
now they’re popping up on my feed because that’s my interest you know is well but besides science
you know politics shows up and so you got the hodge twins and uh potep jesus and there’s a whole
bunch of black conservatives out there my god and of course the left calls the michael toms and
the new face of of white supremacy is black you know so that that’s really funny that’s rich
so you’re right Joe things are they are they’re starting to catch on it’s slow everything takes
time uh my you know my son-in-law is black and he’s talking to his uh his brother-in-law
and he voted for obama is built real big democrat yeah i think he voted for biden still big democrat
he saw what biden did he said never again well the guy has to put fuel in his car and he drives
like a big Cadillac Escalade so it’s like okay eighty ninety bucks to fill up yeah you know eighty
ninety bucks i think he’s closer to 150 you know 75 a gallon here how much does an
Escalade old i don’t know but if it does it doesn’t get much mild as to fill it often
uh and he’s got two kids that are 14 you know how you have to run them around
so yeah i mean people wake up when you know um my buddy um stan from yugas lobby you know his
famous saying is nothing matters till it becomes personal he’s still a democrat i mean i haven’t
talked to him recently to ask him who he’s gonna vote for this time around i don’t know he could
be waking up you know you guys know nancy mack knows nancy you know about nancy uh i was talking
to her and you know she worked for obama she worked on the campaign she is not voting for biden i’m
surprised the 180 she is taken it’s like oh my god like i don’t think i’m on a vote for a democrat
again for a while if ever i actually gave obama money there you go because i can’t vote and
they had me going around getting signatures for the obama care which they didn’t call it that
at that time yeah and i’m a little annoying getting these signatures and people ask me how
they’re going to do it they didn’t even explain to me that they just said well you’ll find out
and i guess we found out i mean there are some good things that came about it which you know
you’re not your ability not not to have pre-existing conditions is a major factor
yeah but somebody’s got to pick up the tab and that’s always the problem you know nothing
is and i forgot the other problem was they gave the blank checks to the insurance companies to do
what they want and you’re you own an insurance company so you know an all state agency and
you know so you know that the health insurance side is is a big scam it is especially when
they wouldn’t fix my knee and they told me i was too young to get a replacement not to let
them cut my knee off and put an embal in there but i was too old for meniscus replacement and i’m
like i’m paying you guys five six hundred a month then you guys won’t fix my knee that was when i i
wanted to end the v.a. i said that with this they ain’t going to help me i might as well you know
allow the government to help me well uncle sugar has been very good to me so i got no complaints
yeah same here you know so on one front on uh on our political talk is that you guys heard about
obviously did they restricted biden and all the agencies on any communication with that
youtube or twitter well the judge made that decision but they’re appealing it already because
they don’t think it’s right of course see the most important thing to the administration
is is that they believe that there are people out there with evil intent that are talking about
hurting other people and potential terrorists and we have to have the ability to silence those
terrorists to say we’re nation so which yeah the terrorists or moms and dads that go to school
board meetings and roman catholics yeah you guys actually there was a uh a whistleblower that just
went on air and and you know called uh garland uh liar and he falsified statements made by him
saying that he they never targeted any parents for school board you know meetings and he’s so
you know what strikes me is the things we see every day would have caused enormous uproar
across the country and protest 20 years ago today it’s like we see the outright corruption
in front of us and everybody goes into their partisan corners you know and it’s like no that’s
January 6th put a damper on anybody thinking to go out and protest yeah yeah burn the cities
if you want don’t don’t come to washington and step one foot inside of the the capital you pay for
you know don’t do that i mean okay so it was wrong that some people did some stuff but it’s
it’s nothing compared to the other riots it’s just that it’s been proven it was um mostly all
guys said did the ship first fbi driven you know it’s deep state
i mean i had the reason to believe that stuff but now i’m i’m a firm believer that the fbi was
behind i because because they found the fbi was involved with the uh attempt to kidnap governor
gretchen whip oh yeah michigan governor and that was ridiculous bobberlam b did a great video on that
where they showed all these guys in a room conspiring and they start pulling guns on each
other and as they do they start pulling out their fbi edges everybody in rooms an fbi agent you
know it’s like joe we’re gonna rest down yeah that’s one of my repo uh jabs i’m sitting on a car
getting it you know it takes a while to break the steering column down stuff okay so i i got it all
broke down finally about an hour later whatever it was a half hour 40 minutes whatever it was
and i got it started i pull out and he’s the squad just crosses the street on me and both of them
jump out and pull out their guns on me and i’m like sticking out my hands going it’s a reposition
and what was there saying to me you’re ruining our whole night yeah yeah somebody saw you doing
like a beanie yeah so i they were sitting on a repo guy and they were wasting their time so
i ruined their whole night well i got them pulling guns on me are you supposed to call in and tell
them so that they know not to respond i did oh they actually went to the police station in the
suburbs of chicago you got to walk in and show your paperwork and tell them you’re going to get the
car in chicago don’t call us until you get the car yeah but uh they didn’t call in they sat on me
uh just sitting interesting we live in a strange world today you know what you have to watch for
joe is everybody’s lying to us you know you look at the various media news sources and uh you know
i don’t care which news source you’re talking about they’re all lying to us whether whether it’s
msmbc or or or fox news they’re both lying so just the perspective what what which direction
they’re lying from you look what goes on today and you look around and you realize you know how do you
believe that the the Ukrainians are winning the war that’s at the major news media would have you
believe they’re not yeah i i i’ve been not listening and done for a while i only look at uh i mean
people online that’s where i get the point i’m trying to make is is that you know the institutions
that we use to put faith in that we used to trust are not trustworthy anymore and uh you know you
look at what’s going on with ai and you look what’s going on with deep fakes and all these other new
advancements in technology and you know human beings are accustomed to believing that that they
see that that they hear with their own eyes their own ears and pretty soon you won’t be able to
believe things you see with your own eyes and hear with your own ears because they’ll be
reparations of yeah ai generated fakes and uh i don’t know where that leaves us as a society you
know and and you know you we started off by talking about politics how far are we away from not voting
for candidates at all but just voting for ai platforms you know dan banjino was just talking
about we’re not really getting too far away from uh police state yeah not far
oh ai what was that one movie where uh they anticipated future crime minority
minority report yeah i mean in okay so we we shouldn’t use it but ai will eventually get to
the point where it’s listening to us on our phones on our echo and google devices on our
televisions um who knows how it’s listening to us and it’ll probably be able to identify over
time certain characteristics and say this guy’s likely to commit a crime and it’ll know which crime
i’m sure i’m plagued i mean i will joe i had you like and i’m not an ai you know it’s like yeah i
know joe’s a criminal i i sit there and talk to my google uh whatever device every day i’m coming to
get you google your google nest yeah i’m gonna get you yeah i got my echo dots all over my house
you know even when you turn them off you got to make sure that you unplug them and move them
out of the room if you want to have a private conversation yeah every time you have much
energy residual electricity to know what you’re saying what they showed that in a video that they
turned phones off and drove around new york city two phones one on one off the one that was off
knew 70 percent of where you were at the other one was a hundred percent because it was on but
the telephone it was off for like two hours seven hours two hours 70 percent of the time
knew where you were there’s always a little bit of residual electricity gone through this mission
hanging in the locations on the towers well like i said i’m not gonna hide from anybody
well it’s not a matter of joe it’s a matter of what does our future look like first and foremost
will look like uh freedom of liberty that the that people in america have enjoyed for hundreds of
years or will it be something different and you know what will our lives be like you know we’re
not far from not having jobs you know they’re talking about these universal basic pretty bleak
from income you know um you know we’re not far from that where what do you do if you’re if you’re
sitting at home and getting a paycheck and you don’t have to go to work you’re gonna do something
no human being is gonna be idle what’s the old saying idle hands of the doubles play things
um you know they if they get their way we’re not going to be able to move around until they tell
you to move travel is one of the things they’re absolutely going to restrict because of the
amount of carbon produced by travel yeah the world the future world is um at least most people
predictions is pretty dystopian you know i’m not sure that those of us that have lived for 60
years are going to first we won’t be alive in 60 years but the next 60 years the world is
as we know it is going to be turned upside down you know politics will there be real there be
men and women politicians running for office or will there just be a list of ideas a list of goals
and objectives and and the ai that’s that’s pushing the buttons to achieve those goals
of objectives you know um sure might end gridlock well you would you would think it would eliminate
corruption and and bribery too right i mean there’s all kinds of rumors of this pushing all this is
is the corrupt and people in charge so i i’m not gonna hold my breath for that to happen
hey good and you got all these evil assholes with pedophile and everything all these people doing
the shouldn’t they’re getting away with it oh man don’t bring up pedophilia you know i just
post an article about that you wait that’ll that’ll get uh it’ll get canceled that’ll get uh that’s
getting normalized man they’re talking about using special words like minor attracted persons maps
they’re no longer pedophiles they’re minor attracted persons yeah what’s your and they love kids they
don’t come on virtual reality and sex but to take care of all that well there you go put a guy in
a jail cell and let him have all the artificial intelligence sexy ones for the kid i don’t care
till the day i mean ultimately that is i mean he can do whatever he wants in his home i mean he
can dream all he wants but don’t don’t go out and try to get a kid for real i mean this is you know
something that should be normal in any FBI or anything but that same FBI agent that was uh
talking to data i watched it was talking about garland being you know purging himself in in the
congress also sat there and told how he was taken off of a pedophile case he was working on
and put over to january six uh yes i saw him like months ago i don’t know were you watching
this on youtube it didn’t know he was just coming out again with this new uh okay so it’s the second
time he’s on yeah yeah i i’d seen that exact guy being interviewed somewhere like six months ago
it’s crazy yeah i mean they don’t care about pedophile they rather bust uh regular americans that
want to have freedom then a guy wants to you know again like my friend said nothing matters
till it becomes personal so if your kid was never attacked by a pedophile maybe you just don’t care
you know i put my one step daughter’s father in prison for that his own her own father i mean i
was the stepdad i had to put the real dad in prison for yeah wanted to kill him like my
tells the story he grew up in new jersey and he was just a kid but uh there was a man in the
community who had who had molested the envoy and the word went through the factory nearby that this
guy was nearby and everybody left their job at the factory and they chased this guy into the woods
and when the police finally arrived they found the guy literally beaten to death and the police said
gee that’s a shame i wonder what happened here you know amen that was the way i was dealing with
it back then and the guys in the factory went back to their factory jobs and kept on working
yeah guy must have fell over hurt himself real bad yeah i hit it along yeah yeah lumping
yeah yeah different times that was a hundred years ago now maybe not a hundred he’s only 95 so
probably 70 years ago well yeah my grandfather was a new york city v cop i mean he was a thug he was
a drunk but he grew up before i mean he was a cop before Miranda rights were a thing i mean if
you got to remember Miranda rights were really created in the 60s so we were all born in the 50s
here i think so we grew up you know the old black and white movies cop would say stop or i’ll shoot
and if he didn’t stop you could shoot the guy in the back you know that was maybe in quite an
exaggeration but not much i mean if you fled from a cop a lot of times they could shoot with
no repercussions depending on the severity of the crime like you know if it was a purse snatching
maybe not if you just robbed a bank yeah yeah probably or just murdered somebody yeah
so the loan you hit a knife in your hand no if you had a weapon yeah i mean that’s what i mean
about the crime severity is severity of the crime whether they shoot you in the back or
you know just look at botting fly yeah every shot more than once oh i mean i don’t know if the
movie depicts the actual way i went down but i think i saw the the still shots they took the cars they
think it went down kind of like a 50 with his 50 caliber tommy guns no it wasn’t 50 cal they weren’t
15 no what were they what caliber was the tommy gun i think the tommy gun mine’s 45 45 i think tommy
gun was a 45 caliber that’s still that’s still a powerful weapon
yeah riddle those old cars full of holes boy i remember seeing that movie when i was a little kid
you know yep who played bonnie i forget but she was bonnie in reality was ugly but this woman was nice
warren baity played live implied yeah was it fade down away it was fade down away yeah she was a good
looking woman so well pretty soon we won’t have good looking women on in the movies and on
television we’ll all be AI generated yeah there you go you don’t mean they’re going to be uh you
know those uh people that are in the midst of being transferred avatars well what they’re talking
about what they’re talking about now joe is is that you know like a tom cruise there will be an
AI generated duplicate of tom cruise and whenever the AI duplicate of tom cruises in a movie
tom cruise will get like 70 75 cents on the dollar for what he’d make it he’s actually doing the movie
himself but you know his avatar his his AI generated copy can be filming six movies at the same time
you know so yeah and and they’re talking about you know creating new stars that are never never
were people they’re just AI generated and and they’re talking about like if if you have some money
and uh and and your favorite movie is star wars you know they can put your face on Luke Skywalker
and you can be Luke Skywalker in the movie you know that kind of stuff it would be crazy but
that’s why that what screen actors guild is on strike yeah the writers and and actors
i’m here in hollywood’s kind of dying off i mean you look at the AI is going to take over hollywood
well we we started with cgi a long time ago and uh you know that’s come a long way i mean
some of my favorite programs on tv i shouldn’t be saying this but they’re things like family
guy and cleat you know the old cleveland show and their cartoons for goodness sake adult cartoons
i don’t care that there’s an actor it’s a voice actor but i think uh the one guy does like six
different voices so it’s not real uh expensive to do but even even animation is getting artificially
intelligence uh intelligently generated made yeah yeah it’s no no longer you know you’re sitting
down making all the drawings you know it’s just cgi automatic the computer hasn’t figured out this
is how the mouth would move when we say in this that yeah there there won’t there won’t be AI
cab drivers but there will be cabs that have no human beings or robots in that be driven by AI
so you know that’s the way the world that’s the way the world is going and that’s what they want
but hopefully we can stop i i’m sorry but i i don’t trust uh computers no no cab drivers
gonna be meeting their wives and in cabs in the future that’s good well you know i forget the
numbers but um if you look at how many people are killed in road accidents from human drivers
and then you start to you know we have enough automated tests that have taken place yes people
have died but it’s like one percent of the people that are killed by human drivers yeah but there
how many how many actually cars were on the road that they they caused those like three or four
deaths it wasn’t very very many see these computers existing cars so you know if it was all computerized
cars it would be fine but we have you know not that we have you know one computerized car and we
got me coming around that car well Joe i mean i know you personally so you just hit the nail on the
head there you have driven together and i’m gonna tell you yeah you’re you’re flying the
ointment for sure yeah computer’s gonna freak out oh my god it’s gonna hit me too you just speed
the hell up yeah i’m sure my my van never rode the same after you drove it uh i know you accused
of me i killed your van i know that’s you Joe yeah whenever i’m driving the mock one i maybe
guilty of some of those two this guy’s built for speed yeah i i think it’s an Italian nature
and some is irish or scotch irish yeah but i got some rondazzo in you too some rondazzo
someone at Sicilian yeah yeah i don’t know we started talking about politics seems like we went
pretty far field Joe without ever really talking a lot about we’re definitely in politics because
that’s what they want the the future to be and you forgot the most important part
they want to kill how many people of the office world how many i believe it was only 500 million
they want well we have eight billion i think right yeah and you’re saying they want to depopulate
it’s down to 500 million well that’s what the stone uh had Georgia had is it i don’t know
somebody destroyed it yeah yeah i wonder who yeah Joe i wonder who how far do you live from there
yeah yeah i wouldn’t hit the stones if i was going to do some
it wouldn’t be a monument yeah i’m not anywhere near doing anything like that
like i said i was at the federal monument did they destroy it no i wasn’t confederate it’s called
what the Georgia Stonehenge right yeah who was that to put it up it was like an Illuminati
thing or something it was some guy came it was i guess they did figure out the name after a while
but originally he was you know not known he just hired somebody to create yeah that’s amazing and
it was you know i saw a special on it it was kind of cool but yeah then i saw in the news that
somebody blew it up it’s like it’s all laying there yeah then all of a sudden it was destroyed
overnight yeah and nobody knows who no i mean it was came in the white house and they went over
there and took it down completely and took everything away oh no i thought they i’m gonna look into
that i thought they somebody blew it up but yeah they blew it up overnight the cops or wherever he
went there and took everything away so nobody could have anything to do with you know seeing what
happened right oh okay it was uh cleaned up the evidence
there’s some scary stuff and i don’t know what to say it other than you know my
first instinct when covid hit was it was all done on purpose i told you about it i lost a
front over it because i told them he’s like oh no way would our government do that
yeah we’re by the way we’re at the three-minute mark all right well you know the thing about
biological weapons is joe is and as mike learned and i learned in our nbc training in the military
biological weapons are not controllable you know you can pretty much if you use a chemical weapon
knowing prevailing winds and a lot of other factors of of the environment you can pretty much predict
where people are going to be hit with the agent when you deal with a chemical or excuse me a nuclear
weapon you can pretty much based on the yield and you can pretty much figure out where the blast
is going to go and with the effect of downward message figure out where the radioactive dust is
going to be sprinkled the problem with a biological weapon is once you let it loose
there’s no point in the way to predict where it’s going to where it’s going to attack and who’s
going to get sick and how’s that going to work so you know i i believe absolutely that covid was
created in the wuhan virology lab but those people who say it was released purposefully i say that’s
you know you if you’re the chinese you would almost have to have your own death wish and i know the
chinese communes party do not wish to die so you know i find it implausible not impossible but
implausible that they would release that biological weapon on purpose because they would be the ones
he was released in wuhan they would be the ones most likely to get sick so um you know i i do
believe it was a lab-created virus i do believe the united states of america provided the seed money
to to create that virus but i think it was an accidental leak that it got out i don’t think
intended and uh you know what anyone they didn’t want to beat trump at the polls no
you’re right yeah but the the the covid is not the reason that donald trump lost it yes it is that was
the reason why they had all the ballad harvesting all the bullshit they pulled okay well all the
bullshit they pulled that’s the reason why don’t trump lost the election not the covid surely wasn’t
because nobody voted for them not 25 million got more votes than any other presidential
candidate republican party and by new sand his basement got more than that yeah that’s what they say
well like i said you know you said the bullshit part with the ballad harvesting in the and the
and all the different tricks they used in the various you know states the the swing states to
win those electoral college votes that’s the reason why trump lost the election not covid
in my opinion well anyway time’s up all right mac and mike out