During Biden’s SOTU Address, I counted at least 20 lies or distortions. I tried to do this live so I’m sure I missed some. Mac and I decided to do a video expanding on each of these lies. I was going to divide it up into sections but thought better. If you want to pause and come back that is up to you.


Biden Lie: During a recent speech, President Trump was asked about the possibility of the USA defending a NATO country that did not fulfill their financial obligations. Trump responded in the past tense, suggesting that Russia was free to do as it pleased.

Biden Lie: Republicans are willing to discuss funding for Ukraine, but only if President Biden reinstates policies that he has the power to implement in order to secure our borders. The priority is to prioritize America’s interests first, rather than focusing on external issues. It’s like fixing your neighbor’s house while your own walls are crumbling – it simply doesn’t make sense.

Biden Lie: Contrary to popular belief, the events of January 6th were not an insurrection. No one was charged with insurrection; it was simply a riot.

Biden Lie: President Trump took decisive action in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, including shutting down flights and securing the border. Despite facing criticism from Democrats, Trump’s efforts ultimately led to the development of the COVID vaccine, which he handed over to Biden. However, the current state of the vaccine is not as effective as it once was.

Biden Lie: President Biden inherited an economy that was already on the path to recovery from the effects of COVID-19. The lockdowns that occurred were primarily in states led by Democrats.

Biden Lie: President Trump initiated plans to manufacture chips in the USA and support family farms in 2020, not President Biden.

Biden Lie: President Trump played a key role in keeping auto jobs in America, benefiting the UAW, not President Biden.

Biden Lie: President Trump successfully lowered the price of diabetes medicine, a policy that even liberals and conservatives can agree on. However, this is one area where Biden has not followed through.

Biden Lie: Contrary to popular belief, the plan to repeal and replace the ACA does not involve removing prescription coverage. While Republicans faced challenges in implementing this plan, Biden continues to spread misinformation.

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