Who is Responsible?

When we see the pictures and videos of the conflict in Gaza, it’s important to remember that it was Hamas, not Israel, who started it. Imagine trying to lift a heavy anvil over your head with a rope, and then cutting that rope and blaming someone else for the consequences. It’s as simple as that. In reality, actions have consequences, and we can’t hide behind others and complain when we’re the ones who cause harm to innocent people.

The Nature of War and Peace

War has unfortunately been a normal part of human civilization for a long time. Peace, on the other hand, is a rare exception. Sometimes, it may seem like peace is the usual state of affairs for humanity, but if we look at the world as a whole, we’ll see that peace is actually quite rare. We often hear that nothing matters until it becomes personal, and that’s exactly what happened in Israel. Just imagine how you would feel and what you would do if your loved ones were being tortured, murdered, or taken captive.

Hamas Punching Themselves In The Head is Dumb