Vivek G. RamaswamyWell, now that the 2024 presidential race is heating up, one question on everyone’s mind is who President Trump should choose as his running mate. With his unconventional leadership style and focus on disruptive policies, it’s crucial for him to select a vice president who can help him bridge the gap between different factions within his own party, draw in independents and maintain a strong base of support.

Among the potential candidates, someone like Nikki Haley could bring diversity to the ticket while also appeasing establishment Republicans with her extensive political experience as former UN ambassador and South Carolina governor. This is not likely as she has gotten under his skin by running against him.

Alternatively, Trump might consider someone with an entrepreneur background, like Vivek Ramaswamy, to reinforce his economic message and to be forward-looking.  To appeal to independents Trump might think to pick Tulsi Gabbard who recently left the Democrat Party.Tulsi Gabbard

Regardless of whom he chooses, it will be important for Trump to strike a balance between maintaining loyalty from his supporters and appealing to moderates in order to secure another term in office.