We all know Elon Musk is trying to buy Twitter. Most of us understand his main point is to turn it into a free-speech platform. Rather than trying to start a free-speech platform from scratch, it is much easier to buy one with a user base built-in.

The argument against free speech is that nut jobs get to say what they want. The problem with this train of thought is who determines who is a nut job? Take something not politically charged like UFOs. I have a friend that buys into everything said. He has no skepticism at all and thinks people in the middle are “sheep” or some other disparaging term. Then you have those that claim anyone that believes anything about UFOs is a nut job. This is all in spite of Pentagon releases.

If we let both sides have at it there can be honest debate. The truth is usually found somewhere in the middle, or a third way of looking at things. Some of it is crap and some of it is real. A third-way example of UFOs would be quantum-based rather than extraterrestrial. Without the debate, the conspiracy side can and often does grow way out of proportion.

Musk, who is neither a Democrat nor Republican, has drawn them out and created a virtual line in the sand. It is interesting to see all the people and organizations that are coming out against free speech. It is ironic that these groups and people known as liberals and Democrats stood for free speech once upon a time.

Which side are you on?