Are the J6 hearings really an investigation or is it a witch hunt? An investigation seeks the truth. A witch hunt seeks to convict and give the accused no defense. Webster defines it as “the searching out and deliberate harassment of those (such as political opponents) with unpopular views.”

The image I used at the top of this post is of Adam Schiff. The man epitomizes all that is wrong with politics. If you see his mouth moving you can be sure of one thing. He is lying or trying to deceive you.

We know all the things he said about Trump and Russian collusion. He had evidence! Sure he did. That is why he never presented any. Schiff is not alone but he is a leading example of why people do not trust their government. You can also cite the 50-plus intel people who said the Biden Laptop was likely a Russian disinformation campaign. They all knew better and they all lied.

The only place you will see these discredited people is on friendly mainstream media outlets. Frankly, that is why FOX News is number 1. They will ask the questions nobody else is willing to ask. That is also why Trump was such a thorn in the side of the establishment politicians and that is why they want rid of him.

Trump asked why do we need to be the world’s police force? Why can’t we get immigration under control with a wall? Why are we letting the globalists dominate us? Why is trade so lopsided? Why are we dependent on foreign oil? Why can’t we fix the Veterans Administration?  If you didn’t give him a clear reason you ended up on his shit list and you were likely fired. That’s what this country needed and still needs today.