Trump is always under attack. Most of us may not like the way he talks sometimes but he is not the villain the mainstream media and leftist political heads make him out to be. All previous accusations against Trump have been proven false or at least left with significant doubt. The list is too big to go into but you know most of them. How would you react if you were in his position?

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Hey folks, welcome back to Mac and Mike. I’m Mac. He’s Mike. I think so. Anyways, did we check IDs this morning?
We thought we’d talk about something that’s topical yet a little bit different yesterday or the day before we had a couple of new
members of the
Grand Old Party the Republican Party joined the fray for the nomination for president of the United States both Chris Christie and
Mike Pence joined the campaign and what I thought was interesting about their
Entrance into the campaign for president was how each of them took various shots at the former president
Donald Trump and it started me to thinking Mike and I talked about this, you know
Donald Trump has to be the most
investigated individual in
politics ever and I know something about politics I played in politics for over 30 years at the local level state level
National level and what I know is is that because I naively got involved in politics thinking I would make a difference the truth
Is is that no individual can make a difference?
It takes a lot of people and usually takes a lot of people with some sort of leader that has the ability to not be
Taken out by the outrageous fortune of those slings and arrows that they send at them and I started thinking about
Donald Trump and the slings and arrows that he’s had to endure
We all remember when he was first elected president 2016
almost immediately they had the
Russian collusion
Hopes that we would now know as a hoax although as an investigation at the time and it started with some fake information that was
Developed by his opponent his political opponent and then the water for for the whole thing was carried by the FBI and the Department of Justice
They actually did an investigation remember the molar Mueller Robert Mueller got involved as a special counsel and he invested
into whole thing and after a couple of years and multiple millions of dollars
It came back. Nope. Nothing there complete falsehood. Nothing there, but then for Donald Trump
You know, how do you get the first two years of your presidency back? Well, nothing happened because you’re being investigated
Look, many people both on the Democrat and Republican side
Believe there was at least a possibility in maybe a likelihood that he was guilty of something
You know, I mean, they didn’t they didn’t give him the benefit of the doubt, you know that whole
innocent till proven guilty thing
But Donald Trump is president what he had the the Russian collusion thing he had the
Ukrainian phone call thing where Colonel Vinman came on and said he’s not allowed to do this
I wrote that report, you know, and and then we had the investigation into whether or not people staying at the Trump hotel
in Washington DC when they visited Washington was if they were from foreign nationals and whether that was even legal because maybe he
Was making money wasn’t allowed to make because he was president of the United States
I mean the guy was investigated so often so many times sometimes multiple times simultaneously
You would think you’d get the shits of it, right?
I mean, it’s right. It’s arrived on it. Yeah, but in a way if that were you Mike wouldn’t you want to just say?
Chuck it and say look I’m doing the best I can you don’t want me here. You do it.
Oh, a lot of people would. I don’t know it just depends.
Okay, so Donald Trump, I think in some sense always thrived on the controversy.
How I would do it, I don’t know. I think we’ve all been falsely accused of things in our life.
It comes down to intent. There must have been a dozen other things Trump was accused of
Until you know the intent you can’t say. I mean he was called a racist, called a lot of different things and they are all absurdly untrue and even the thing about him disparaging
Veterans because I run veterans for Trump website. It’s like, you know, that was a bunch of crap
Were taking out a context or not understood
Like what did he say? What where was it at the one place in Normandy or something?
You know what was in it for these guys? You could say what was in it for these guys and mean it as a compliment, right?
You know absolutely depends on how you receive it, right?
so anyway a lot of people would give up and I
Don’t know if I would I don’t I’d like to think I would but you don’t know until you’re there
So well what pointed this out to me is both Chris Christie and Mike Pence both made disparaging remarks almost as if
Donald Trump because of his history
Was unqualified to serve in the role of president, right? Yeah, and look
There are many things Donald Trump did and said that I didn’t like it all
As a matter of fact, I was not a supporter of Donald Trump when we had 17
candidates standing on the podium or on the stage
At their podium individual podium was trying to get the nomination in the Republican side
I supported a couple of other candidates before Donald Trump eventually became the candidate by the votes that were cast for him
So I you know and and what we had were these two men both
You know one was the former governor of New Jersey Chris Christie the other is former governor of Indiana before that a member
of the House representers from Indiana and of course Mike Pence and although
He wasn’t the governor of Indiana when he became vice vice president was Donald Trump’s vice president
So you saw you know various levels of responsibility and and and job
Increased job responsibility from each of these guys
But it was interesting to me that instead of talking about the number of good things that they were responsible for or what they
Represented both took the opportunity to point out where they thought that Donald Trump was unworthy of being president
Now I won’t go into all those reasons, but the point in fact is is that isn’t it?
Isn’t it interesting and I would argue it’s almost a shame
You know we have the the Ronald Reagan 11th commandment, right?
Dauschon not speak ill of other Republican candidates, and maybe those two guys never heard of that
I don’t know
But there are other candidates who have made remarks that make you wonder if if they’re if they want the Republican nomination
For president or if they want to deny the Republican nomination to Donald Trump
Or become vice president
They’re not like Vivek I think Vivek might remember Swami, right? He might be shooting for VP
Nikki Haley. Oh Nikki Haley. No, she won’t be VP
No, but my point is is that she doesn’t
She doesn’t directly attack Trump what she says what or her favorite line is I don’t think the American people want an 80-year-old president
So who’s she talking maybe you could argue she’s talking about Biden, but doesn’t that also encompass Donald Trump?
And there have been other candidates who have announced you know Tim Scott to his credit
Focused on his record in his rather than than focusing on
on Donald Trump, but there’s other candidates that well that are that are you know
Either have already entered the race or are planning an entry into the race
And the first thing they do is they want to criticize Donald Trump now. I get it
Donald Trump is the front runner right now
And I think within the Republican Party
There’s a significant number of people somewhere between 30 and 40 percent of the people in the Republican
Primary election that are going to support Trump over anybody else regardless of what he says or does between now and then they love Donald Trump that much
But what’s of interest to me is over and above this is
You know how many people not necessarily can’t it’s for president
But you know the district attorney in Manhattan the Attorney General of New York State
These other people in these high-level positions that have you know taken pot shots and have taken Donald Trump to?
Court on various and sundry
Half-truths, you know
It there was a woman for example who said 30 years ago that Donald Trump was responsible for an indecent assault in a
clothing change room at an apartment store and
He was acquitted of all the charges other than the disparaging remarks. He made about her after she made the the accusation and
You know each of these things like like the the District Attorney in Manhattan who’s trying to get Donald Trump
For lying on loan request
Misrepresenting his total net worth now the loans have been paid back
He’s no longer any under any obligation
No one was hurt whether it was true or not what he said on his loan application. Nobody was just nobody was hurt
Nobody nobody lost any money
So where’s the victim of this crime that they’re trying to convict him of add to that too that you know a guy like Donald Trump
Doesn’t sit down and fill out his own loan applications. He’s got people to do that for the actuaries that try and estimate
You know, okay, what is the net worth of the value of these hotels?
You know and there’s you could talk to ten different actuaries and come up with ten different answers
Absolutely, right and you talk to different
Prayers of what the value is and and one may say it’s worth 15 million another may say it’s 10 million
Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Right? And and if you use either number are you right or are you wrong?
And even if you even if you split the difference say it’s worth 12 and a half million or you’re right or you’re wrong
Who knows and what were the conditions back when he filled out the paperwork?
You know because the real estate market fluctuates does so I don’t I don’t think anyone can actually come to the truth on that
but that doesn’t stop some of these people from trying to make a court case and
What is the ulterior motive and all these attacks on Donald Trump?
Do you have an opinion? Well, obviously they want to try and get him on a felony so that he can’t run for president
How would you feel if that were you that they were throwing
All this stuff up against the wall hoping something would stick
Simply because you know, why do they want to why do they want him to not be available to run?
Well, see he’s the most feared man and are they scared of him? Is that the reason?
Absolutely. I mean, you don’t try you don’t try this hard unless you’re terrified
You know, it will upset your I mean, maybe maybe you’re one of the deep staters that
he’s gonna go after and your job will be cut or
Maybe you know, you’re gonna end up
Losing in the future if that if you’re a left-winger or a traditional conservative Republican of the old style
You know, who’s the guy?
Who’s the well-known guy that came out against I forget but they got organizations that are supposedly formerly conservative
that are anti-Trumpers and
You know, they they long for a time and of when they were in control
He sort of exposes everything and they don’t like that
You know, I’ve I’ve said maybe maybe on this podcast
But I’ve I’ve said before in different forums that I’ve come to the point of my life where I no longer trust the media and that’s either
Right or Left Media. I don’t care if you’re talking about correct MSNBC or Fox News
I don’t trust any of many more and
You know, there was a time back in the day when Walter Cronkite dominated news nightly news
What he ended is his his newscast with and that’s the way it is and
Everybody believed Walter Cronkate and now I don’t think anybody can believe anything they read here or even see and
I think that that’s a problem because in a representative republic don’t we need to know the truth in order to be able to
Functionally or correctly or honestly or
Manage our representative republic. Yeah, and I keep going back to the fact that we have 24-hour news and we have
Internet like just look
Is it Walsh’s video? What is a woman? Yes? Yes, it racked up what in a few days a hundred and eighty million views. Yeah, that okay
So just to give you an example, I think the best night that Fox News who is number one not because they’re conservative
Does is like two and a half million people
Okay in a given what the show was up on Twitter for four days
So four times two and a half is eight, you know eight and a half ten million views
that thing just slammed
Any newscast any newscast, but the point is there’s an information overflow today, you know
In reality, you know, and I know the news doesn’t take any more than like 30 minutes max sure give me the facts and
We walk away making up our and but everybody’s got to have an opinion left right middle
Even us we’re sitting here doing this thing. We’re always talking about our opinions
We’re just adding to the chatter in a lot of ways
So this is what’s going on all across the bench. Okay, again. I want to bring back to the focus point of this video
It all seems to be
Targeted at dumb Trump. You know, I remember the October surprise if you will of the election of 2020 the the laptop
Supposedly that belonged to Hunter Biden and we had 50 or 51
members of the
Intelligence community the CIA FBI at all deal department of justice and they all sign this letter that said this has all the
Hallmarks or earmarks of being Russian disinformation
So they the news reports of the day
They didn’t talk about the Hunter about it by laptop. They talked about this letter that these 50
Supposed at experts talked about that said it was it was rushing disinformation
And this isn’t all that different than what happened in the
Re-election of Barack Obama. Remember the Benghazi
We had the overrun of our of our mission in Benghazi and the sadly the ambassador was killed
And you know, we blame it on some guy in California on the internet video
They changed the whole reason for what happened and that allowed instead of a a drop in the popularity
Arguably, maybe Barack Obama not being re-elected because of the mistake of his administration
He was re-elected the same thing with the Hunter Biden laptop
You quoted me before how many people after the election when the New York Times finally got around to admitting that the Hunter Biden laptop was actually
Real how many people in the Democratic voting block said it was 14 to 15 percent said they would not have voted for Joe Biden
If they knew this information before the election, right now
We had Facebook and Twitter and all these other
Organizations that are supposed to be the public forum
They literally stopped that story that the New York Post wrote from getting any airtime from getting any any viewership and
The question you must ask yourself
Because I’ve asked myself
Did they do it because they truly didn’t believe it or did they do that because they wanted to disadvantage Donald Trump?
Because at this point Mike if if I’m Donald Trump, I’m starting to feel like the guy
It’s getting picked on all the time. Did you notice that about him? I mean it doesn’t it doesn’t you know
If the Sun comes up a minute and a half late this morning whose fault is it Donald Trump did it
I mean really it’s it’s that ridiculous at this point in time
It doesn’t matter what happened over two years in the Biden’s
presidency and we’re starting they’re still trying to blame Trump for all the current situations
Yeah, they’re talking about the the the border not being fixed or not being not being under control
And they said well, you know, we inherited this mess from Donald Trump. No you didn’t. I’m sorry Donald Trump had
Stop the flow of illegal immigrants. He did. Yeah, they said you may not like him
You may hate not on Trump
But you can’t argue with the fact that he stopped the flow of illegal immigrants
They say the same about gas prices
Stay in Mexico possibly remember that you had to stick you and by the way our sanctuary law says
If you want to claim sanctuary, you want to you want to claim that being oppressed in your country
You must stop at the border of the first safe country
You can’t go through four countries to get the ours to claim sanctuary. It’s just you that’s not the way it works
So I guess I guess where I’m at is what you said was they’re trying to convince
Trump of a felony with all these many and various things and the truth of the matter is is that I think that’s the one thing that would stop
Donald Trump from becoming president again because our laws say if you’re a convicted felon
You cannot run for political office and I don’t know, you know
I see all this stuff and I don’t know how else to
Interpret it other than that. I’m more than happy to entertain other ideas of the thoughts that people may have
I just can’t come up with one. No, there are that’s
I mean, it’s almost as obvious as that
The uh Wuhan flu came from the Wuhan lab, you know, it’s like it’s that obvious
There’s only one thing they want to stop Trump from being able to legally run
Because they know he’s going to win the the primary, you know, the first off that comes to my head is
I wonder how Donald Trump feels about that
You know, because I don’t sense that he has
You know, he talks about, you know fake news and he talks about, you know
I wonder if he feels
in some way singled out or oppressed or in
I would be interested in knowing how Donald Trump felt about all of these attacks on him that
are spurious in so many different ways and and
It seems like as you noted only intended to stop him from being president again
The other thing that intrigues me is is that how can the news media continue to get it wrong
And and and then not claim any responsibility or not claim any culpability, you know, yeah, it it’s it’s
At some point in time, don’t you have to admit that you cried wolf one too many times
There was a story early on
During the ukraine russian war where the russians said that they were fighting nazis. I don’t know if you remember that or not
You know, so many people said that’s not that’s ridiculous. There is no nazi party
You know the the nazis of germany were defeated whether we don’t have a
There’s no nazi party. I don’t know if you saw in the new york times last week
There was a story about the ukranian soldiers
That are wearing nazi symbols under uniform
now, that’s
that’s not absolute proof that
nazis have
You know
infiltrated the ukranian army
but it’s an indicator that what
Putin said
First was accurate, right?
Well, the population of ukraine is about 44 million
And I looked at these numbers way back when we were talking of lad and lads our friend who we
Hope to interview next week who was born in ukraine and then moved to russia and
Served in the us army and is now an american citizen
So he has an interesting perspective
But the point is yes, there were there are nazis
There are a few of them. There was enough to create a division or whatever that number is in the army
That they all banded together under a like cause
But in the total population
They have about as many nazis as we do white supremacists kkk members in the united states
What do we have maybe a hundred or a thousand and so, you know, there might be a thousand nazis and 44 million people
So it’s point zero zero zero zero one percent
And it’s really not a big factor, but yes, it exists just like evil exists
Everywhere, I bet there’s nazis in russia, you know
They’re everywhere. Well, I I don’t know how or why it happened
But my prediction is this if donald trump becomes president once again
And I don’t know if he will or won’t I don’t know if he’s going to be a convicted fella by the time the next election rolls around
I don’t know if he’ll be the choice of the republican party
With the many and various people that have already ended the race and still some yet to join the race
Um, so maybe this would be a moot point, but I believe this I believe that donald trump with his unique
experience with
the news media
the deep state
The various alphabet agencies that aided and embedded these false
Stories and accusations against him. I believe that if he’s president again that he will root out the
What do I want to call them the bad actors, you know, the the the the people that don’t
Or the people that fail to follow the road that violate the oath of office
You know saying that they will uphold and defend the constitution of the united states
I think he’ll get rid of everybody that he can that is
Under suspicion of any sort. Hey, I mean who he can legally get rid of now
The problem is the next guy that comes in if he’s not of like mind with donald trump
We’ll just bring those kind of bad actors back in. Yep. Yes, but
most of these people
Are appointed by the president and they serve in the executive branch of government at the pleasure of the president
So he has the ability to hire and fire
Willy nilly actually is what i was going to say and that’s true
But obviously you would you you take those positions with some sober forethought so that you you get the right kind of people
But you know, there’s a number of people the head of the cia the head of the department justice
Head of the department of defense head of the irs
These are all people that are appointed by the
With the advising consent they have all those secretaries have to be approved by senate
You know, but the president gets to pick them and if he fires people when he gets to be in office
Um, you know, I think he will remember there was a statement
I don’t know if you remember the the lisa’s page and and peter struck
Text messages back and forth where lisa page who was a an attorney for the the fbi said
What are we going to do if he actually gets elected and peter structs response was he’ll never be elected
We won’t let him right. Okay. And when he was interviewed by congress later
He said we of course I was talking about the american people we not we the fbi
You know, that that’s a nice way to handle that misdirection
But when you’re talking to your fbi
You know girlfriend. Yeah secret lover. I I think you say those things from a perspective of individual not
You know the entire nation of people
the deep state
Is a problem in my estimation, you know, I mean we found out recently in the last few months that
Lee harvey ausswald was on the payroll of the cia
Well, why didn’t the warne commission know that or if the warne commission note knew that it wasn’t in the report, right?
So what is our government doing in our name that we don’t know about?
When they’re organized against a candidate for president
What does that do to the fair free and fair election?
Yeah, and i’ve said this has been gone on for a long time, you know, when we talk about the fbi
You go back and just look at the history and wikipedia until they change it about jae agar uber, right corrupt
He held black male over presidents and other politicians. Yeah
So yeah, did you think it was going to get any better the things the things move towards entropy towards degrading or do they move towards improvement on their own?
Yeah, they move towards degrading and entropy if not corrected
But again, if you’re donald trump and you know this sounds like i’m pro donald trump and i’m trying to defend donald trump
And neither of those are true
You know, I am pro america and I am pro policies that are good for america
And donald trump implemented a number especially in the trade front
But the you know the stay in mexico policy for illegal immigration the number of policies that he implemented were good for america
Yeah, you know, not only did we stop the abuse of people both children and women at the border by keeping them in mexico
Because people were coming but we also stopped the flow of drugs
illegal drugs and you know how many people are dying from illegal drugs in america today
Every single day and they’re coming across that wide open southern border
and um
I if you go to vets for trump, I enumerated all the positive things that trump did
A lot more than what you just said there. I mean, it’s a long list
So my my point is is that here’s donald trump and he’s one man and he’s a wealthy man
and you know, he’s
Who’s that the quote at first started, you know, you can do that if you have f u money, right?
So maybe he’s a guy that’s got f u money and maybe he can take it
But is it reasonable and righteous that he should take it now?
How many times were he was he investigated and how many times was he convicted of anything?
I mean the answer is numerous times he was he was accused and the answer is zero times was he convicted
Even though they impeached him they impeached him as a purely partisan political thing, you know, and he wasn’t fully impeached
He wasn’t removed from office
So my point is is that at what point in time if you were donald trump
Would you get the shits of the whole thing and say look you want the country the way it is?
You can have it. I’m I’m I’m going to mara loga. You know, mara loga
Do you remember when they laid out on the floor all those this is a secret document
This is secret and I don’t know 19 or 20 or 20
They put them in a big square and they took a picture of them then they leaked the picture to the press
Joe Biden had 1,800
Separate classified documents. Well, it’s different for him. He was never subpoenaed
He had the documents
That’s one of the things they’re trying to they’re trying to you know, uh get trump on a felony for is you know
the the and by the way
In the president has the full ability to declassify anything
And in case you’re wondering the vice president doesn’t have the ability to declassify anything
Oh, he was given that ability after uh, obama
Obama made it so that you know, he was quote. He had the ability to be
But the the one I’m trying to get at is is that there’s a disparity of justice
And there seems to be a focus attack on one man
And I don’t know how one man can take that continuous
Um, not only from his enemies, but from his supposed friends
You know, again, um, mike pence and chris christy
I know you want to be president
But the way to start your your campaign for for the republican nomination for president is not by starting up by criticizing the
Last republican president that we had in my in my opinion
My only words for chris christy and mike pence is
You guys ain’t gonna make it. Sorry. No chance. No chance. No chance. Yeah, you have to mike is a big yawn
I mean everybody says that it’s not just me
I like mike pence. I think he’s a man of integrity human being. I think he’s a decent man
I think he’s a good christian. Yeah, I think he’s got his priorities right set the nation to sleep for the next four years
Elective. Yeah, I don’t I don’t think he’s electable. I don’t think he can lead the ticket to success
You know, you think he’s a yawn. I don’t think that I think that he’s a I think that he’s a fiscal conservative who is also a social conservative
I think he’s a I believe he believes
You know in in in very important religious beliefs that are important to him
And I think he conducts himself and conducts comports
You know himself in a way that that represents those what I’ve been about mike is is not that his policy is might not be good
It’s his personality. Yeah, I mean
Look, I’m honest about trumps personality
It sucks
All right, everybody says so I mean I don’t know him personally. He’s probably a lot different personally
He’s probably very nice guy. I’ll bet you if you’re with him individually
I’ll bet you’s a lot of fun. I’ll bet. She’s a great guy to be I bet he is
But you know, I mean publicly the way there people perceive him. So mike is perceived as
Okay, I mean he’d make a great hypnotist. He really won. You know, it would be hard
It would be a very hard choice to come up with the answer
Who would you rather go sit in a bar and have a beer with?
Donald Trump or Bill Clinton
Yeah, both of them are all laughs. I’m sure both of them would be great to sit down and have a couple of beers
We wouldn’t it the stories that tell the laughs you’d have. Yeah, there’s no doubt in my mind
No, anyways
The the the question we opened with is where’s Donald Trump?
Wiser videos after Donald Trump
How would you react if you were attacked in as many in various ways as Donald Trump has been?
And you know, if you don’t believe we have a two-tier justice system
All you need to do is look at how we’ve harassed Donald Trump versus the way we’ve
Not harassed other people that we have more evidence of wrongdoing. Now. I won’t list him here
you’ve read about it in the news you’ve seen evidence of it yourself and
You know, America’s facing a rough future
The Ukrainians are going to lose the war that they are fighting and we’ve spent
what trillions of dollars supporting them billions of these billions and
We’re going the Ukrainians are going to lose that war
and the information you’re getting from the news media about that war is not accurate and
Somebody sometime in the future is going to have to
Pay for the misrepresentation of the facts in the news
And unfortunately, I think that they’ll probably get away with it again
And I guess what I’m asking you the viewer is pay attention
You know now is not a time to take the ostrich view of hiding your head in the sand
There’s so much information all around us that simply isn’t true
and if we’re going to be
Effective in in maintaining our representative republic
You need to know what the truth is and you need to react
act on the truth
And sadly, you know, what’s going on right now is not truthful
Donald Trump is not a criminal
Not in the traditional sense that they’re looking at is not a criminal
And if I were him
I would be in a very bad way
Right now because I’m not sure that I have the same intestinal fortitude
Maybe it’s not intestinal fortitude. Maybe he just truly doesn’t care
I don’t know, but he doesn’t seem to be affected by
What do you think Mike? I think we beat it up enough. Let’s call it today. All right, Mac and Mike out