Two-Tiered Justice System

Two-Tiered Justice System

Up front, I need to correct something you will hear in the video. I said that 86 or 87% of Washington D. C. voted  Democrat. The correction is that it is 92.1% according to Best Places dot com.

There was a time the two-tiered justice system referred to rich or connected versus middle class and poor. Over the past 20 years or so it has devolved into political affiliation rather than rich and connected versus the rest of us.

One of the first glaring examples of this was the Lois Lerner IRS scandal under the Obama administration.

Lerner admitted the IRS had singled out righty groups, but blamed the “absolutely inappropriate” actions on “front-line people” — that is, lower-level folks. And then refused to answer more questions by pleading the Fifth.

When Trump took office the deep state leftists really lost their minds, including those in the so-called “justice system”. All one needs to do is simply compare the Sussman case and what happened to people close to Trump. Even Democrat Jonathan Turley discusses this and other issues pointing out the different ways these things were handled.

Then came the Hunter Biden laptop issue. Not only that but Hunter should be prosecuted for lying on the form to buy a handgun, a felony. This was all swept under the carpet by the Secret Service. Trump was Impeached twice without conviction while Joe Biden the “Big Guy” will never be touched.

I am sure many of us still remember the treatment of Roger Stone. Sending a SWAT team to arrest an old man was meant to send a signal. “Support Trump and you are a terrorist!” The most recent is the arrest of Peter Navarro who is one of the straightest shooters you will ever meet.

New York Rep. Elise Stefanik, the No. 3 House Republican, on Tuesday alleged that President Biden improperly leaned on the Justice Department to bring charges for contempt of Congress against Peter Navarro, who was President Donald Trump’s White House trade adviser….. “Peter Navarro talks about how he was put in leg irons, handcuffs, strip searched, not given any food or water and put in solitary confinement,” See full story here

If you are reading this you can likely list a dozen or more examples. The question is what to do about this. The short answer is to wake up and make your voices heard. More than that, you must convince your friends and neighbors to start voting, not by party, but by common sense.

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By Mike Kelly

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